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Parent Written byAnsara November 23, 2013

Rape as high comedy

A virulent subtext of this movie is rape, and rape as comedy. The scene in which that obnoxious little angel Simon Birch grabs a girl's breasts and drags her against her will into the "manger" with him is - like all such scenes in movies - designed to make every male in the audience feel comfortable at the expense of making every female feel uncomfortable - to make every male feel powerful at the expense of making every female feel powerless. This is a far more overriding powerful and destructive message than any positive messages the film has to offer. If there were a racist or anti-Semitic subtext to a film, would we cheer it on as much? Why is rape viewed as high comedy? Because if people can be made to laugh at something, it softens it and makes it more acceptable to them. If you want your little boys to grow up with a culturally inculcated sneering view of girls as things to take and trash, by all means show them this movie. And if you want your little girls to grow up as compliant rape victims, show them this movie. The girl whose breasts he grabs visits him in the hospital and (of course) kisses him. What kind of message does that give girls and boys? That aggressive sexually abusive behavior will always be not only forgiven but rewarded? Remember that it is 50 year old white male script writers who are projecting their own fantasies off onto children in these movies and forcing kids to act out those fantasies. And in the alternate reality devised by these men, rape is okay in any of its forms and girls must learn to be compliant. That's the script these guys hand our kids, folks.
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