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Parent Written byCSM Screen name... February 28, 2014

Ugh. Inappropriate for kids but a terrible movie for teens or adults

I have no clue why anyone would like this movie. From a parent's perspective, it is saying it's fun and cool to go out without parents permission, drive a car without a license (!!), meet a blind date at a bar at 14 years old (!!!!). I know it's "just a movie" and not reality, but these kind of things, plus obsessiing over fititng into teen stereotypes, are the ONLY thing this movie is about. From an adult perspective, the acting is terrible, the characters are one-dimensional, the plot is formulaic. Imagining a kid's perspective, the kids I can imagine liking this movie would be so young that it makes no sense to show them such a teen-themed movie. Reading the other reviews, I must be wrong about this, but I just do not get why anyone would enjoy this movie. Not even Steve Carell or Jane Lynch can save this bad joke.
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Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Educator Written bycaffinegirl85 September 20, 2011

cmon people its just a movie chill!

why are so many people fussing about this movie? i mean its not bad its actually good okay okay so there may be some lanuage but this is the movie great for all girls any age required ltm =love this movie!
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Adult Written byclarence August 4, 2015

Any girl can watch this movie even i love it and im 25!

Well its a good movie anygirl can watch it No i don't have kids but if i did i would defilenty let them watch this movie its the perfect movie for birthday parites and duh! SleepOvers its more of a movie for a girl than a boy to watch!
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Adult Written byEddiet29 April 9, 2008

Not as bad as you would think,,,

I was a little nervous about renting this movie after reading the review on this website, but after watching it with my daughter, I can say those fears were for nothing. Yes, there was some behavior I wouldn't want my daughter to participate in, but that's why we watch these things together. I don't want my kids slapping eachother around like the 3 Stooges either, but just because they watch those movies, does not mean they are going to go out and act on it. All in all, this is a perfect movie for tweens...with some supervision.
Parent Written byCooldee May 13, 2010
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Adult Written bycommon_sense_user_12 April 9, 2008


No one in their right mind would have given this movie an "off" rating. Sure, the girls behave badly, but frankly I think it's insulting that the reviewer of this movie thinks that kids will act the same way the girls do just by seeing this. Sleepover is funny, lighthearted, and has good acting. Good movie for 11 and up.
Adult Written byAbercrombieluva April 9, 2008


This movie is so funny! I heard about it from a friend so I got it and I loved it! This movie is a must for all sleepovers!
Parent of a 3, 11, and 13 year old Written byB H. November 5, 2016

Not a good movie for ANY age!

I thought that this would be an okay movie for my daughter to watch with her friends at a Sleepover, seeing the title and PG rating. However, I was extremely disappointed. The entire movie focused on impressing "popular girls", and the group of friends went to great lengths to do so. The movie made it seem "cool" and not that big of a deal to: steal a car and drive underage, sneak out of the house, break into another's house, and meet up with a man they met online at a bar! In addition, the main character sees a boy undressing before he showers (nothing shown) and steals his underwear. WTF! After the movie, my daughter and her friends went upstairs and reenacted practically the entire movie in her bedroom while I furtively listened outside. My daughter giggled as she pretended to be ordering a 'Sex On The Beach' with a valley girl accent. Then they went into a deep conversation over whether they would be liked if they were fat (another important lesson they learned from the movie). Besides, the terrible acting, shallow characters, and extremely high school plot make it terrible for any age. Please do not let your kids watch this movie.