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Spectral Review: The Greatness is Invisible

Spectral makes for a nearly perfect instance of standard Netflix B-movie fare - hardly anything more than a library-building stunt on the part of the folks running said establishment. If it happens that killing an hour and forty seven minutes watching a military operation attempt to contain a horde of supposedly supernatural militia in a dystopian world full of all the typical tropes you could reasonably expect from such, nicely fits with the day's agenda - by all means, go ahead! But ask precious little from Spectral, as the most you'll get is a dull and meaningless sci fi whose character and world building feel closer knit to a video game than a movie, which it may one day be learned must have heart, meaning, and creativity before it attains to any proportionate success. There really is very little that is redeeming in Spectral - cast, music, effects, script, costumes, design, blocking all feel entirely sub-par. It almost feels a waste of time and effort to analyse it. There is no significant sexual content (a woman changing outfit can briefly be seen in underwear, and a soldier claps another soldier's crotch), and violence is fairly mild, with plenty of casualties, though the movie rarely lingers on them, and most are not very hard-hitting or moving, save one (when a central character dies). Language is listed below, time-stamped to the approximate moment: 5:35 - sh** 20:00 - b*lls 30:44 - piece of sh** 36:29 - sh** 1:11:50 - G**_da** 1:27:33 - G** 1:33:40 - he**
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I watched this movie with my son who is 7. The twits, turns and excitement of this movie kept us with our eyes glued to the screen. I was actually able to sit and watch a whole movie, at home, with my son. It was nice. There is a kid that dies in it. It just looks like the kid gets blown over by wind. OVERALL---I REALLY ENJOYED THIS MOVIE!!!