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Sci-fi movie worthy of praise

Profanity: A few uses of "sh*t". Single use of "asshole". Violence: Not graphic. Ghost-like creatures hunt the soldiers. When a character dies, they just fall over. A child dies this way. Powerful sci-fi explosions throughout the movie. Characters discover a lab with living human brains. They release (kill) them for the greater good. Sex: A soldier says their armor will "literally protect your balls". Drugs: Smoking. I personally found this movie very good. It's hard to find a decent Netflix movie, and I'm always happy when one pops up. I'd recommend this movie for sci-fi lovers 12+

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Too much violence
age 11+

Good movie!

Spectral is a good movie, but doesn’t have much more than action. There’s violence (guns, rockets, etc.) but most is unrealistic and futuristic. While some characters die, it isn’t realistic or gory (characters are blown over as if by wind). The main premise includes ghost-like creatures that could be scary to small children. If your children play video games such as call of duty or have watched action before, this movie should be ok. As a futuristic tech enthusiast I quite liked this movie but it lacked the character backstory of most (giving movies more of a genuine feel). This movie almost felt like a videogame due to the Shoot-Em-Up action that a story to me, but I feel it’s quite appropriate for most ages, and doesn’t deserve the 13+ rating common sense gave it. I, however, did notice some possible white-washing and lack of strong female leads however.