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Fine except for that one scene...

Fairly standard sci-fi violence with movie gore (this is not just an episode from television). The Borg Queen is the riskiest aspect for families. She’s designed with bare-shoulders sensuality and the writers “went there” by having her (basically) seduce Data with provocative language and a full-screen kiss. Our kids (12 & 9) still get very uncomfortable by on-screen things having to do with sensuality so I quickly tried to fast forward past the scene. The story itself is fun and the drinking is mostly played for laughs even if it’s worth a deeper analysis of alcoholism as a disease. Overall, our budding Trek fans in the household really liked the movie..
age 12+

The Best TNG Film. Excellent flick, deserving of PG-13 rating.

Not as gory as Wrath of Khan, but it has it’s moments. Excellent movie.
age 11+

A Return to Good Form...

I disliked STAR TREK: GENERATIONS greatly. However, I love STAR TREK as a franchise and decided not to give up on it. I watched this movie and was glad I didn't. This isn't the best STAR TREK film (it places after all of the originals), but it is great, quality entertainment with great role models for kids. The film is much more intense than previous installments, but isn't significantly more violent. Granted, when the violence does occur, it is more graphic. There are severed limbs, cracked necks, etc., but not a lot of blood. There is one brief conversation as to whether Mr. Data has been programmed to experience "pleasurable feelings", but it isn't graphic. There is infrequent profanity as well: "bull**it", and "godd**n".

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