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Great action, intense mood, but romance may bore kids.
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Parent Written bynuenjins April 12, 2015

Forced plot and awkward. The credibility of the prequel shows it's lack of depth here..

Easily the worst in the entire series the awkward and nary innappropriate relationship between Anakin and Padme seemed forced and unatural. You can almost 'feel' Lucas squeezing in some half baked reasoning into why this "should be" plausable but is never anywhere near convincing. Even a scene with Padme sporting near fetish style leather with some embarrassingly poor dialogue about forbidden love seems to epitomize the loopholes and the force fed scripting as Lucas desperately attempts to make this thing work. If it wasn't for the franchise name and necessity to watch it for plot points pertaining to the series this movie would be highly skippable aside from the novelty of a few nostalgic moments such as Yodas first time out with a lightsaber. The milking of the brand name definitely shows up here and is a regretable chapter in the series despite it's inevitable necessity whatever it's lack of quality is in execution ended up being. Now knowing that Disney has bought out the series we can only hope the third trilogy doesn't have the layers of cheese they add to the cartoons they half baked ala classic Disney style. But looking at this installment it can't get much worse either.
Adult Written byfonzieg April 4, 2015

Extremely boring and dull sci-fi movie will please kids, but not actual SW fans!

You know what's even worse than The Phantom Menace? Attack of the Clones is! There is absolutely nothing entertaining in this movie! Plus it has one of the most uninteresting and forced love stories in motion picture history, and Jar Jar Binks, can he just be gone?
Parent of a 13 and 18+-year-old Written bySuper bryan November 2, 2014

Didn't like the movie as much as the first but still exiting

Movie wasn't great or bad. It was average. It still had dark parts. Anakin gets his arm chopped off. Obi wan is now a Jedi knight. Count dooku joins the dark side. Pad e and anakin get married
Parent of a 8-year-old Written October 3, 2014


Overall, a good movie. There are some intense scenes, and there was quite a bit of romance. Other than that, it's a family-friendly movie.

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Positive Messages
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Parent of a 13-year-old Written byohya August 8, 2010

good movie,but still the worst star wars film

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byKrbbup April 9, 2008

Best Star Wars Movie Ever!

I believe that this is the best Star Wars movie ever! Watch it see why. There are two parts that might bother children: the first is when Anakin's mother dies and the second is when Boba Fett's dad dies. But other than that, it is a wonderful movie, filled with action adventure and humor. Great for the whole family!
Adult Written bySpud April 9, 2008
This movie proves that you can have a movie with an unlimited amount of action without having to throw in any unnecessary gore. The action is pretty much non-stop, but you won't see anything that warrants a higher rating. The only part that I would consider disturbing is a scene where the main character describes what he did to get revenge. There is also a little innuendo in one scene. The love story is innocent for the most part, but in one scene the two main characters realize they have feelings for each other but don't know where to go from there. He tells her, "We could keep it a secret." I couldn't tell weather he was talking about keeping their feelings a secret, or if he was talking about an affair. It's more likely he meant the former, but during that particular scene I couldn't tell.
Adult Written byLove_Hamilton January 3, 2021

A little boring, but in the end what Star Wars fans are hoping for.

UH OH! Anakin kills everyone (men, women, children) who were in the town that killed his mother, and starts to go to the dark side a teeny bit. There is a huge battle at the end with no blood but lots of death. The romance is boring.

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Adult Written byfahimforid December 19, 2020
Adult Written byMr. Good Reviews October 24, 2020

Star Wars' violence continues to get worse

I would not recommend this. I think Disney did a better job with Star Wars. George Lucas' trilogy I have to say, was not what I liked. I recommend the 3 movies in the sequel trilogy instead of this.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byShrek_boy August 10, 2020

A bit more violent than episode I

My nephew saw this film when he was 6 and he wasn’t really bored by the romance since he didn’t care cause he wanted to see the action. While being a little more violent than the first it’s still fine for 6+

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byMeggyann July 31, 2020

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byChris_Feher April 22, 2020

Disappointing, But Not As Bad As Some Say

Attack of the Clones could have been soooooo much better had they cut out half the romance. Almost all of the cringe and "slowness" people are talking about stems from Anakin and Padme's constant flirting. However, apart from the romance, there are some pretty cool battle scenes in this movie. One of the better parts of the film is Obi-Wan's journey by himself. In fact, that is almost the sole thing saving this movie from a lower rating. So I would still recommend it to fans of Star Wars, but only because it is one of the main chapters. My 3 stars basically stands for "eehhhhhhh, its alright".
Adult Written byTyler2fk February 19, 2020

Extremely underrated Star Wars movie has a mixture of romance and action but is darker then usual

Suggested MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some sci-fi action and violence, sensuality, and disturbing images
Adult Written byOliviaReviewsIt January 23, 2020

Second Star Wars Prequel Less Thrilling than its Predecessor

I can honestly say that I enjoyed this movie despite it being one of the most criticized films in Star Wars history. There are some notable fight scenes (Yoda vs Count Dooku and Obi-Wan vs. Jango Fett) but nothing memorable enough to make me want to pop this movie in to watch those scenes over. There is a particularly perilous scene in the droid factory, which could make younger kids nervous. An alien monster slashes the back of Senator Amidala, drawing blood. A young boy witnesses the death of his father. Count Dooku slices off the arm of Anakin Skywalker. Anakin gets angry and admits to killing not only men, but women and children as well (this isn't shown on screen). Like CSM stated, the romance in this movie is heavy, and in my opinion, is rather cheesy. This kind of banter between Skywalker and Padme might definitely bore younger children. Watching it years ago, I was bored by this movie. You can see Anakin's descent to the dark side slowly growing (which culminates in the next episode). Despite being considered a hero, and a notable Jedi, Anakin shows himself to be extremely conflicted throughout the movie, very possessive of his romantic interest, Senator Padme and angry that he is not given the respect he believes that he deserves by other Jedi. Anakin is not a good role model for kids in this movie, and is far from the innocent boy we saw in Episode I.
Adult Written byAlex Smith1 December 27, 2019

Great but can really bore kids

This movie is fine just let the kids watch the damn movies

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Adult Written byTrojanfantwok December 19, 2019

Much improved sequel to the prequel trilogy but also more violent

10 & Up
Adult Written byjulianna92 October 2, 2019

Lacks depth but it’s still enjoyable

“The Attack of the Clones” suffers from the same problem as the first installment of the prequel trilogy: although it’s action-packed and has some cool moments, it’s overall average. There is violence but they don’t overdo it, however it’s not recommended for younger audiences since there are several deaths (not graphic and no blood), people being shot, severed limbs, decapitation, mass murder (happens off-screen and is only mentioned), torture (off-screen) and dead bodies on a battlefield, which might impress kids. There is a central romance to the plot but it feels forced and unnatural due to poor and overdramatic dialogue: its forbidden love but there isn’t any inappropriate scenes (no sex scenes and the kissing is pretty tamed).

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byGappies June 22, 2019

This movie was ok. Not too much violence, not too much swearing, but there is some boring romance.

This movie was a little bit better than The Phantom Menace in my opinion, it's decent. This movie did have some boring romance scenes between two characters, although it's not allowed, so they are doing it secretly. Epic battles though.

Violence: 2/5 Epic lightsaber battles, a person gets shot and killed by a dart/arrow, a person gets decapitated, a hand gets cut off, although it isn't shown too much. A person's mother dies in his hands, causing him to kill a bunch of Tusken Raiders (sand terrorists) with a lightsaber.
Swearing: 2/5 "damn" and "hell"
Sex: 1/5 Some kissing scenes, a person is touching a woman's bare back, some rolling in the grass. The main characters are in a club for a few minutes.
Drinking/drugs/smoking: 1/5 A person tries to sell a sort of drugs to someone, who uses Jedi Mind Tricks to convince him to go home and rethink his life.
Adult Written byClarac11 March 14, 2019

My favorite Star Wars movie

This movie is one that I could watch over and over again. There are some parts that I think could be better and the romance is a little long but over all amazing

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff