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Sci-fi violence, strong female characters in thrilling epic.
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Parent of a 8 year old Written byJulie T. December 15, 2017

Amazing, eye-popping, thrilling movie!

BE CAUTIOUS TAKING YOUNG KIDS AND SENSITIVE KIDS! What a brilliant movie! With tons of action and fight scenes, intense moments, plot twists galore, and some well-timed humor, you will NOT be disappointed! Worth the full-price ticket! I agree with the Motion Picture Association that this movie is suitable for 13 and up. I'm surprised that CommonSenseMedia says 10+. For sensitive kids, definitely stick with 13+ and don't take your young child(ren) just because they've seen every other Star Wars movie. This one is super intense with some VERY GRAPHIC DEATH SCENES that probably earned this movie its PG-13 rating but not much perceptible blood-and-guts gore. There are also scenes of self-sacrifice. Just like the review says, there is a lot of teamwork, loyalty, and female role models, making it so worth seeing for older kids!

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Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Parent of a 6 year old Written byNicole M. December 16, 2017


Took our kids ages almost 6 and 7. Was a bit apprehensive after reading some of the reviews on the violence but it was not nearly as scary as what K thought it would be! Our kids both loved it. We’re a bit frightened of Emperor Snoke but aside from that they were not bothered by any of it. That being said they saw The Force Awakens and also enjoyed it.
Parent of a 2 year old Written byMaverick1995 December 14, 2017
Adult Written byJames J. December 17, 2017
Adult Written byShadowofchaos41 December 24, 2017

A Complete Cinematic Failure

You thought the prequels were bad? Prepare yourself for the atrocity that is The Last Jedi. Where do I even begin? If I were to mention everything this would take an hour to write. But first off the characters are about unlikable, especially Luke Skywalker who is so out of character it's sinful. Next is the "plot", yes "plot" stupid and makes no sense. The entire plot is "First Order is chasing The Resistance" that's it. Next are the sub plots. Which are so out of place it screeches the film to a halt and then ultimately lead nowhere in other words a waste of time and just tying to prolong the runtime. Next is just dumb scenes 1 specifically with Leia, 1 with Snoke which is about unforgivable. And lastly Phasma who has even less to do here than in the last one. Poor writing, poor directing, and the humor. My god the humor is atrocious. The last thing I will mention is that this movie basically ret cons Force Awakens. The events and plot points of Force Awakens are either dropped, not mentioned, or changed. Complete and utter mess of a film and has just about ruined Star Wars completely.
Adult Written byrebma97 December 15, 2017

Clunky but exciting sequel

Overall I enjoyed this film, but I have conflicted feelings on certain elements. As Common Sense mentioned, the scene of Luke milking an animal is strange and appears for no apparent reason, a male character is shirtless for fan service, two characters who seemed just to be platonic friends kiss for no reason, and Kylo Ren is still so very whiny. With that being said, I did enjoy the film, so let’s get to the highlights: The battle scenes were epic; it had me on the edge of my seat. There was almost never a dull moment in this film, the stakes were high and it made you not want to leave your seat. I really loved the emotional depth they explored in the film, with Luke’s regret of his failure training Kylo (and a surprising twist as to how Ben turned) to Rey’s feelings of abandonment to Finn, Rose, and Poe fighting for hope against all odds. Violence: constant but never graphic. Many scenes of space battles, explosions, lightsaber battles, etc. Many characters are killed. Several scenes with characters in peril/near death experiences. Sex.: A short kiss during the film’s climax. A male character is shirtless to fluster a female character. Language: Occasional uses of “damn”, “hell”, “bastard”, etc. Drinking/drugs/smoking: A scene takes place in a casino, where people are shown drinking (presumably) alcoholic beverages and gambling, though it’s never lingered on.

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Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent of a 7 year old Written byGerald Z. December 17, 2017

Hugely disappointed. Betrays the franchise. Bad jokes.

The film is a misguided chaotic mess stealing shamelessly from Game of Thrones (the Wall, Wildlings, etc) & past Star Wars episode plot vehicles. Several major sections of the film make no sense whatsoever & Disney has completely warped the franchise with misguided attempts at humor & product placement over plot & substance.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bytrailh December 26, 2017

Disney messed up big time! I will never spend money again on a star wars movie.

I am an original fan, going back to the late 70's. Disney has butchered this movie so bad. Don't waste your money watching it in the theater. It is full of plot holes, lack of character development. With star wars the original series, we saw Luke's character develop over time (3 movies), Luke leaves clues to find him, but when he is found wants nothing to do with the jedi. It just gets worse from there. Its like a bunch people did some drugs and then wrote the story line for Last Jedi. I would like my money back for getting ripped off on this piece of garbage movie.
Adult Written bypaulh11 December 23, 2017

Not a true Star Wars movie

Without spoilers. It's dark. It plods along. It isn't fun. It does not capture the magic of the old series. Everything the critics say is wrong. Yes there are twists, but they make no sense. It's not a Star Wars movie. Don't expect to see one.

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Parent Written byDana P. December 16, 2017

First PG13 for our 8 and 12 year olds--happy with our decision!

We have previously heeded the age 13 advisory on movies, waiting to watch them using our ClearPlay DVD player with filters for language, violence, etc. We read that the director of this film said it was not any more intense than the original trilogy, and saw that some parents on this site rated it age 6+. Based on reading these reviews first (thank you, all!) we decided to take a chance on this one, and were happy with our decision. My 8 year old wore ear plugs to reduce the sound, but he was not scared at all and really enjoyed the entire film. I found this film to be incredibly funny, some truly great laughs woven throughout the dramatic storylines. We loved it.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byTrey G. December 22, 2017


I was a huge Star Wars fan until Disney ruined it. Last Jedi focuses more on political correctness and female power propaganda, than the actual storyline of Star Wars itself. Don’t bother paying money for it.
Parent of a 4 and 7 year old Written byAlex H. December 16, 2017

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byAllan T. December 23, 2017

the worst star wars with plot holes everywhere

i would say this is pretty bad because they ignored alot of big questions asked in previous movie as well as huge plot holes everywhere. i will name a few things i think is wrong with this movie. ignored all questions the force awaken left us with untrained rey can use the force to move hundres of pounds of rocks easier than luke and yoda can move a tie fighter, she also spreads them to two piles so the cast can walk through them without breaking a sweat. first order can't light spead ahead to blockade the rebels. if they could kamakazi at light speed why didn't they do it right off the bat and let the rest of the ships escape in light speed? casino planet is a big filler and adds nothing to the story unless that kid at the end gets recruited and turns jedi.

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Adult Written byAlbert K. December 17, 2017


It still has got star wars spirit but far the worse star wars movie ever
Adult Written byEdwin S. December 23, 2017

Gender Wars

I find it hilarious that some people actually can tout this as a good star wars movie. I could only give it a good rating if it was either a star wars spoof or was a general scifi movie unrelated to star wars, and even then the science flaws would give me an issue. Please note that the following paragraphs will contain some plot information.(Spoilers) Science Issues: So apparently in the star wars universe, there is no decompression when opening a ship's cargo hold to vacuum, inertial dampeners do nothing to reduce sudden motion, and a small woman can kick the frame of a ship hard enough to shake loose an item on an upper deck. Also, since when was the force usable as a space suit??? especially to one who is untrained in the force. Also, while i can see using a ship approaching super luminal speeds being used as a battering ram, since when did that slice apart over half a dozen ships outside the flight path of the ramming ship? Science based plot holes aside, we have a mary sue who apparently can defeat the strongest of the Jedi with only one day of training and who is convinced she can turn the bad guy, who was evil and committed multiple murders as a child. Apparently she forgets that any padawan that he couldnt take to Snoke he murdered and burnt in the temple. They then waste the bad guy completely without manifesting him to his full potential as a villain. And to top it off, we have Phasma, this uber storm trooper, who could have been the new Boba Fett chasing the rebellion to hell and back, wasted in a fight resulting from a pointless mission to give the diversity hire character a chance to give their backstory, be betrayed by a man, and to marginalize the black storm trooper that joined the rebellion in The Force Awakens. She not only marginalized him in the mission, but in transit and on the planet for the final battle, stopping his heroic effort to stop the first order and a weapon whose full potential he knew. And finally, in like her fifth time in her life using the force, Rey lifts a freaking landslide of boulders, which by their multitude and weight seemed like a job Luke or Yoda would have found difficult. In conclusion, even though the rebellion failed, we are supposed to be happy that it survived, even though 95% of the people that died could have been saved in a much shorter time if they had offloaded everyone onto the support ships, transfering fuel at that time as well, and then rammed snoke's ship with the flagship or if the had loaded everyone on the flagship earlier, they could have turned the support ships around and done 2 light-speed rams and then jumped away. No need for filler plots and honestly a better movie.
Adult Written byPaul Y. December 21, 2017


The director ruined Star Wars. Many holes in the plot, the story line was lazy, and the star Luke Skywalker was ruined. Definitely the worst Star Wars movie!
Parent Written byJerome T. December 15, 2017

Great film, but like Empire Strikes Back, quite dark.

A great film, but for young children, the prospects don't look good for the 'good guys' in much of this film, similar to the dark tone of The Empire Strikes Back. Some characters die, albeit fleetingly. Interesting also that this scores 4/5 for positive messages because there's a sense that characters go off the rails a bit, are mutinous, do their own thing fuelled by emotions rather than thinking clearly, and challenge authority - this is possibly resolved in final scenes with the message suggesting that they will only survive onwards through teamwork. Finally, in addition to the Common Sense review, it's worth noting the seriously creepy 'baddie' character, which might be quite frightening for young kids (akin to the Emperor but with less left to the imagination).
Adult Written byjacobd 2 December 23, 2017

An honest opinion from a star wars fan

For family sake, go. Take your children to this movie if they like the new look for "starwars" and don't need to understand the true standards past producers and directors have set in each movie. There is a lot of social justice and labeling of the populations within this movie that was not original. Very non-Starwars. The message...hmmmm. Watching it in theaters I didn't really pick up on any prominent messages other than the two above. There is a new rebellion on the rise by the end of the movie. The movie was 21/2 hours. An hour of it was wasted with scattered plot lines which could make it confusing and honestly a waste of time for the viewer. An hour of diologe makes it boring for viewers which in turn could also make it hard for kids to maintain focus on the movie. ___side note: really doesn't matter because Johnson threw this episode down the tubes. The last 10-20 minutes of this movie actually felt like a Starwars film. Original ideas started to come through. Watch and you'll understand. My biggest issue with the movie was the writing and character placement. ----spoilers below Too many subplots for Johnson to handle. Snoke should have become the main force of the rebellion and shouldn't have died the way he did. -spoiler Honest opinion for a good starwars movie would be for snoke to be the power house coward that the emporoer was in 4-6. Kylo ren should've been the muscle and front man of the show and captured in the end----- or he gets in his getaway mobile after snoke's ship gets torn in two and becomes a galaxy power. Kylo then would be the ultimate force which grants for a whole new opening for more episodes. Something a little more like this would be more entertaining, less depressing, and overall more starwars. The diolog of the movie was irritating. Modern slang was over used which in turn brought our world into the world of starwars. It should be the other way around- wake up call. The fight scenes were lame minus the last 20 minutes of the movie. I mean honestly violence should be a given with a movie title (StarWARS). Whatever happened to flips, slashing of soldiers, gunshots at multiple troopers? Gosh, no blood... using lasers here. Music was great as always. Honestly this movie was a huge let down and crushed my spirit for future releases. We need a new hope. I'd love to see change in the original direction. A starwars direction. -originality please- May the force be with you-Always.
Adult Written bysunnyp December 15, 2017

LJ sucks. It deconstructed Star Wars. Luke deserved better.

LJ sucks. It deconstructed Star Wars. Luke and Himimi deserved better.
Adult Written byStephen R. December 19, 2017

People Need To Calm Down

Too all the critics that say this is the best Star Wars movie: no, no it was not. Not by a long shot. REALLY REALLY GOOD. But not the best, Empire still reigns supreme. However, the random people that said it was absolute garbo have no idea what they're talking about. There were some issues, far and between, and they were big issues, but they didn't break the movie for me. It just brought it down to 4 stars instead of 5. A little too Marvely or Disney-ish, some plot points that seemed half-made or just off to the rest of the movie, but not bad in any sense. Yes, the story arcs could have gone differently, but not even Empire is perfect in every way either. All in all, another big step up in the right direction. 9 is setup to topple everything, or continue to exceed expectations at the very least. Fortunately, Rian Johnson has nothing to do with the Jedi subplot anymore.