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age 15+

Cool Movie.

Stay Alive is a Good Slasher Movie FOR OLDER TEENS. I have the unrated version though. But I think It's Too Strong to be RATED: PG-13. I Really Recommend This Movie.

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 12+

Stay Alive

My kid wanted to see this movie for his 8th birthday (go figure), so we did. He must have loved the movie, but I though it was pretty cheesey. The story within the game itself is alright, but the whole real life to video game storyline just doesnt suit a movie well. This might be a good movie for creepy video game fans.
not rated for age

Not A Movie You Want Your Child to see.

A pretty nice movie but not a movie you want your child to see. If you do want to show your 13 or 14 year old child show them the theatrical version of the movie no the directors cut. The directors cut is extremely gory, has very strong language ( F word repeated many times over 30), and a nude scene were it show a womens behind, and a quick glimpse of her breasts. Not a teen movie.
not rated for age


Honestly..I Thought It Could Have Been Better...I Got Kinda Bored... it Could Have Been more...Gorey... but yeah...thats just me... but was pretty good...
not rated for age

Horror's Next Big Hit

I loved this movie! I am a big horror fan myself, and have seen almost every recent one, but this is best by far! If you like super-thrilling movies with that horror-gory touch (only a bit!), then SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!
not rated for age

Cute Horror Flick

To answer the above review, it got a PG 13 because there was very little actual violence in the movie and even the virtual violence was pretty tame. This is significantly less gruesome than most action-adventure movies and *way* less gory than most of the video games it emulated. There were depictions of violent death but for the most part the camera just flashed to and away from it, preventing viewers from seeing anything but a bunch of red. When my friends and I saw it, the theater was packed with kids in the 10-15 range and they spent most of the movie screaming and laughing and generally seeming to have fun. The premise is clever and it's fairly well executed. With things like Hostel and Saw II and The Hills Have Eyes out on the market, this is pretty much the only option for kids who want to see a horror flick. Luckily for them, it's not half bad.
not rated for age
not rated for age

not horrible, not great

It's an average horror movie. The language is much too bad for children to watch it, however. As for scary images, it's simply not that scary. I jumped maybe once the entire time.