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Gymnasts fall short -- it's no Bring It On.
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Adult Written byChrissy505 November 30, 2008

It wasn't that bad!

I don't understand why everyone keeps saying this is a horrible movie. It's funny almost the entire time except for one part where she breaks down a little. The acting wasn't so bad and the guy that played Frank is Emmett Cullen in the new Twilight movie!!!!! I love this movie I've seen it like 50 times. It's a must see.
Parent Written byNichol B August 5, 2015

Fun movie. Positive messages out-weigh the language use

My kids love gymnastics, so we enjoyed this movie.

Just like real life, none of the characters were perfect; but the main characters all learned lessons from each other about team work, not being selfish, working hard/being brave in the face of doubts and harsh critics.

I really appreciated the fact that the gymnasts who started at the beginning of the movie as stereotypical "mean girls" (having selfish goals and valuing appearances/beauty over substance) came around at the end of the movie.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written bymerilia May 4, 2015

Good but bit much language

The language it quite strong for younger viewers. There is some cleavage shown people joke about the jymnists not having boobs and some boys wear dresses in a mall scene some of the people do flips in the dresses of walk around on there hands you can see their underwear. Overall a good movie for teens

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Adult Written byalexandrae April 3, 2015

Stick It

This movie attacks very important subjects such as divorce, jealousy, lying, and cheating, while its target audience being for pre and early teens. Stick It does an incredible job showcasing that if you break the law, you will be punished, and the punishment may not always end up being a punishment. Having a positive outlook even when things aren’t what you plan and forgiveness are main themes in the movie as well.

Although the movie has positive qualities, the female gymnasts punk-attitude and “badass” way to do gymnastics sometimes overshadow the central message of working hard to achieve your goals and pushing yourself to new limits. We see at times the female gymnasts are back talking and rebelling their parents and trying to break away from authority, which is not a message that is great to be sending to the target audience, which is 11-16 year old girls.

Stick It provides the audience with likeable characters, a suspenseful and unpredictable plot, and overall a great story. This is a great movie for mothers and daughters to watch, young athletes, or anyone who enjoys the sport of gymnastics. By the end of the movie, you are hoping to see Haley succeed, and the use of catchy and funny dialect only makes this movie better. Stick It is a must see if you’re looking for an uplifting film with a great message.

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byElis94 March 4, 2009

What is about

Stick It

Film “Stick It” is directed and written by Jessica Bendinger. In USA it was realized 28 of April year 2006. Genre of this film is divided on three: comedy/drama/sport.
Main characters:
Burt Vickerman Jeff Bridges
Haley Graham Missy Peregrym
Joanne Chairis Vanessa Lengies
Wei Wei Yong Nikki SooHoo
Mina Hoyt Moddy Curley
Frank Kellan Lutz
Poot John Patrik Amedori
Tricia Skilkin Herself
and others
Operator - Deryn Okoda
Compositor – Michael Simpson

Haley Graham is a gymnastic girl who was in gymnastic sport from childhood. But in the world competition she suffers a failure: she couldn’t do her main trick and that is why she leaves competition in the middle. Moreover, she leaves a gymnastic to feel how teenagers are living. Since Haley desert a gymnastic her life changes.
In her “new” life she meets the guys and become boyish girl. Haley likes to ride on BMX and have fun with two best friends. Often she fall into different situations and because of it sits in the police office, waiting when her father will come.
Once, she broke the window on the undeveloped house, and as a result she’s sitting in front of judge. Girl has a choice – go to the Vickerman gymnastic academy or a prison. She picks prison, but judge send her to the academy.
There she becomes lazy and does not want do anything, so she does a strike for her liberation. But the coach proposes her to go on the world competition again, win, take money, and go out from her “prison”. Haley agrees and does her best as she can. On the competition judges were not fair fix the price of her friend and Haley and her friends becoming on strike again, but now she and all of the gymnastics are controlling the match. At the end, every of the gymnastics won her price for her own program.

Some facts:
For final scene of competitions creators of film invite tens known gymnastics of the world. Main coach was a sportsman, twice Olympic champion Bart Conner. For three months before the film starts, four of main characters took practice with him. Girls had practice 5-8 hours a day. In Front of the coach was an aim – to make girl be average level of the sport training. Practices were during the film starts.

My opinion:
This film is not only about sport, it is also about victories and loses, friendship and teen’s life. If you understand gymnastic you will interested to look on girls tricks. Also film has good and bad emotions. You will laugh and cry, be worry and be glad.
I like this film; it is interesting to look for a one time. The music is great tidy to actions. Characters of the film had played very well. Missy Peregrym had played her role of hooligan-girl very exactly and naturally.
But this film will be more interesting for children, than for adults. Because it has many “problems” which children will understand better, than adults which already grown up and forgot a childhood.
Parent of a 13-year-old Written bylatenightmom April 9, 2008

my preteen daughter loved it

This film is fun for tweens and teens. The dialogue and plot are pretty contrived and not very original, but it is generally enjoyable. There are a few more sexual references and crude comments than there needs to be, but, overall, it is not too bad.
Adult Written bysandsharks April 9, 2008

Great Movie

I saw stick it when it came out! Very exited to take my daughter to it! My feeling for whats in it is the sexual content doesn`t bother me or my child and she`s 9 years old! Stick it is a very enjoyable movie! The message is good! Even though it might have a couple teenagers talking back and a couple of s--- words its fine! I think you will love it ! I say starting at ages 8 and up should see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adult Written byKitty Jones April 9, 2008

a great movie that shows the stress that turns girls mean

i hated how in the movie because her bra strp was showing she lost points from n excellent routine, but thats what happens and i'm glad they showed it.
Adult Written byRooster57 April 9, 2008