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age 13+

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not rated for age
not rated for age

just junk , this should be outlawed.

Complete non-sense.
not rated for age


If you love dance/stepping movies, this one's for you. I didn't care for the beginning at all--much better once you got away from those camera effects. What were they thinking to start it that way. Great movie, great moves. One of those that you've seen it all before, but I liked it.
not rated for age

Wonderful look into an important part of Black Culture

I enjoyed the film and it reminded me of when I was in college. I know for a fact that the Greek experience is VERY different for Black fraternaties/ sororoties. While you know what is going to happen, the film is still entertaining enough and endearing enough to keep your attention. I saw it with my 8 year old, his friends and their parents and we all loved it!!
not rated for age

Increditable move

not rated for age

Not for 11 year-olds

Actually turned it off after about 1/2 hour while watching with my "mature" 11 year-old daughter. Too much young adult subject matter -- sex and violence. She didn't need to see any more. Too bad probably a good message by the end.
not rated for age

Good Movie

This movie I thought was enjoyable, though not very intersting at some parts. It was a wannabe powerful movie filled with "inspiration." I personally thought some of the parts were positivly boring and not very exciting. You have to be very low-key about this movie and not expect much. i really thought this movie would be better but it was a good flick.