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Parent reviews for Storks

Common Sense says

Family comedy mixes moments of peril, sweet messages.
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Parents say

age 8+
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age 5+
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Adult Written byE R. September 25, 2016

What parents should know

While the message of the film is worthy, I was disappointed that the directors felt the need to put in two moms, two dads and a single mom. This is supposed to be a kids movie, which should be free from confusing messages. Confusion may arise from the fact that babies aredelivered to two men, two women, and a single woman, suggesting that biologically they can create a child in the same way a male and female couple can. The reviewer should have warned parents in her review, regardless of her opinion of the topic. Her job as reviewer is to mention any potential issues. Very disappointed.

This title contains:

Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byzonarocks22 October 7, 2016

Fun movie for kids & parents

My husband, I, and our 6-year-old daughter all enjoyed this movie. As the review indicates, there is little offensive about this film, barring some moments of peril which are brief and end comically. The main female character is smart, courageous, and funny. My daughter already knew that babies don't come from storks, so she was able to see the humor in this. I really don't understand the criticisms about the end of the movie showing babies being delivered to different types of families. Beyond the obvious offensiveness of such a comment, the clips showing this are so incredibly brief that they are likely to be missed except by the most astute watcher. And it could easily be explained (if you are so worried) that the two women are the baby's mom and aunt, etc.. However, instead I would encourage parents to take such a great opportunity to talk to your kids about how love transcends gender and what a wonderful opportunity adoption can be for parents who are unable (or don't want) to have a biological child. To the reviewer who is concerned about sending their child "confusing messages" about how babies are made by showing same sex couples and a single woman receiving babies: wolves forming into a submarine, storks delivering packages, penguins raising a baby ... THESE are topics in the movies that might "confuse" your child, not the reality of same sex couples and single people having babies.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byCarolina G. October 17, 2016

I wish somebody would have respect for me and my values

We keep preaching about "respect for everyone" but no one seems to have any respect for people like me and my family and our values. I find very upsetting that I didn't even have the choice to decide if it was ok for me to take my kid to watch a movie where at the veryear end and without any warning at all babies are being delivered to same sex families. And I can't help but wonder, where are my rights to decide what's best for me and my family? Where are my rights to choose what I want to expose my 3 year old to? I feel cheated and very much offended. But I guess that doesn't matter because I will be obviously wrong for not agreeing with this.
Parent Written byAlexis C. October 11, 2016

Well written Godless story.

It is quite a cleverly written story and the fast moving action is fun. There is an off screen death of one (or possibly many) of the characters near the end. Keep mind that this movie is perpetuating society's push to remove God from our children's minds. It is no surprise that at the end there are two same sex couples receiving babies as anyone can order a baby in this fantasy world. There is no real strong message except that a family spends time together and are rewarded with a baby. The movie was fine but not something I would want my children watching more than once.
Parent of a 12 year old Written bycaribbeandream September 25, 2016

Cute, funny and sweet

Other than the nervous laughs between the adult parents when the question of where do babies come from shows up, this movie is blessedly missing that "adult humor" that is supposed to go over kids' heads and is much too prevalent in animated movies these days. This is truly a family movie. The movie is constantly moving the story forward without being frenetic and even I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times. I did find that sometimes the message about spending more time with your children was a little too obvious but it still rings true and from the heart.
Adult Written byElly B. August 9, 2017
THIS MOVIE IS TOTAL GARBAGE!! I can't believe that they felt necessary to put more than one STRAIGHT couple in the movie!! Come on!! people don't respect any of my values and I don't want my 10 year old daughter to be exposed to a man and a woman receiving a baby!! I don't care if they are just trying to represent other families, they should have just stuck with the gay so me and my family can watch something with out being blindsided by this outrageous heteronormative movie!!! Grow up people.
Adult Written bynigel j. November 7, 2016

Ignore any reviews concerning same sex parents

There is a scene at the very end, that flips through 50 families receiving babies in a matter of 3 seconds. How the previous reviewer noticed two dads or two moms or single parents I have no idea, and I was watching for it. Considering the main 'family' in the movie and between a bird and a girl, the reviewer had no problem with that. Little violence ( bully stork hitting smaller birds ), no love interests, no moments of peril. Tame movie of building family and friendship and best of all there's a girl 'hero' and from a dad with a daughter it is a pleasant addition. The movie is no Pixar, but fun for the family.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Parent of a 16 year old Written byJoshua H. December 13, 2016

Will never trust this site again

How convienent that you "forgot" to leave out the bits about the same sex families at the end. It seems you too have fallen to the liberal agenda. I've trusted you for years but not anymore. I will never use this site again. Shame on you.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byJulie M. January 1, 2017

Not Child Appropriate Should be 18+

My husband and I reviewed the movie to see if it was suitable for our child. We thought the movie was cute and good overall. However, the point for us in which we determined that it was not suitable for children was when we saw the couples at the end. Younger children are not at an age of understanding when it comes to sexuality. No parent should have to explain to their younger children what sexuality is and why it is. This is a discussion that should be conducted at a much older age. Our child will not be watching this movie. We are very disappointed with Disney on this decision to teach children to question adult situations.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written bySuzanne B. October 14, 2016
Cute movie but felt it was inappropriate for a movie targeted at young kids to include families with two dads, two moms, etc....
Parent of a 5 year old Written byKaethe F. October 2, 2016

Nonsensical badly conceived verbose dreck

It's certainly not for 6 year olds or older. We were all confused and not very engaged and we were a group of 6 ranging in age from 5 to 51. It had no discernible story and it used cultural stereotypes, convoluted story lines and strange concepts that are not even known to 6 year olds.
Parent of a 9 and 14 year old Written bylilbluemomof2 November 22, 2016

The end made me cry like a baby

Cute sweet funny totally emotional ending I felt like they glossed over the pain of giving up a child and tried to make it a joke but by then I was already crying like a baby.as for the lgbt thing why shouldn't all types of families be represented they exist they have kids and families and shouldn't be excluded because it makes some of you uncomfortable. Don't use your personal beliefs effect art and creativity

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent Written byFanBoyJosh314 September 29, 2016

Fun but mediocre animated movie for the family

The idea behind this animated comedy is that storks don’t deliver babies anymore. Now, they deliver packages for an Amazon-like behemoth called Cornerstore.com. But when the baby-making section of the factory accidentally starts up again, it’s up to a stork named Junior (voiced by Andy Samberg) and a clumsy human named Tulip (Katie Crown) to deliver the infant before their blowhard of a boss (Kelsey Grammer) finds out she exists. Storks is zippy and zany but it also has a lot of unexpected heart. Much of that comes from the relationship between the lonely boy who wished for a little brother, which started this whole madcap sequence of events, and the parents (Ty Burrell and Jennifer Aniston) who are too busy with their real-estate business to spend time with him. Kids will love the colorful aesthetic and the fast-paced energy. There are also a couple of running bits that are truly absurd and insane, which they’ll probably find extremely entertaining. I didn’t see anything inappropriate when I brought my son, who’s almost 7, to a screening. But you may be in for an uncomfortable discussion on the way home about where babies come from. (It had to happen eventually, though, right?) Fine for the whole family.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Parent Written byErin L. April 25, 2017

No time for propaganda

This movie shows the importance of giving every child an oppurtunity to live, even if the circumstances may not be defined as ideal. I do applaud that. My family laughed a lot until the end of the movie, when all of a sudden my son who is nine yelled "What the heck- two women together!? And two men together?! They can't have babies!" I was very surprised, that the producer felt inclined to smuggle that in. Controversial issues should not be included in a film that is aimed at young children. I had to have a semi- weird conversation about life, natural law, and a small percent of the population who identifies has having a same sex orientation. I was not prepared for that, and I don't appreciate it at all. I won't watch a movie produced by them again.
Adult Written byHannah P. February 5, 2017

Political doctrination

Toward the end of the movie the storks deliver babies to awaiting families. They show many Gay/ lesbian couples receiving a baby. For those families who do not agree with such lifestyles and try to instill Biblical models for behavior, family dynamics, etc, this movie is not for them. At the very least they should be aware so that they could discuss it with their kids. I would never had paid to see the movie had I known.
Parent of a 5 year old Written byElliott and Gwen November 5, 2016

Very cute, nothing inappropriate for little ones

Best movie, my almost 6 year old loved it.
Adult Written bySherri W. March 3, 2017

Great fun movie for families

This movie was fun, not too intense & had great messages all around. My whole family loved it. Some side-splitting funny parts - those wolves! - and touching moments. The reviewers complaining and leaving bad reviews because of, literally, 2 seconds of a few same-sex couples receiving babies, among dozens of others... are just...wow, in for a shock when they meet the real world.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 7 and 11 year old Written byTrueMo December 22, 2016

Great fun for all the family

A very funny enjoyable movie which beat my expectations of it easily. No real overall message in the movie. No real issues arose except of one question from my 7 year old "so where do we come from dad? '. The 2 man and 2 woman family scene is split second and in my opinion totally unnecessary and even more confusing for children but society today has been bullied to seem pro gay rights to apparently appeal to all. Wolves are excellent and the main characters gelled comically.
Parent of a 5 year old Written byNathan T. December 4, 2016

5 1/2 year old loved - his favorite of the year

My 5 1/2 year old is scared by most movies, but loved this one.
Parent Written byKrista S. December 29, 2016

Very Cute Movie

This was a cute movie all 3 of my boys (ages 5-10) really enjoyed. If your children have ever been around an expectant mother they are highly unlikely to be confused or even have questions about where babies really come from. While I don't love the the fact they do include same-sex couples as parents in the end, it goes by so quickly children are very unlikely to notice. I actually went back and watched in slow motion to see if that was what I saw. I'd let my kids watch it again. I just wish movie makers would stop pushing social, political or any other agenda. Just make a fun movie. I can and do educate my own children on these issues when they are ready.