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Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale

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False information

Just allot of your facts are untrue. Like do some modern research and not use old out dated facts. Just one for example “the male lion main is dark so he’s in his prime” this is absurd and absolutely false 🤣 a lion has a certain colour Maine because of genes passed down. His Maine does not change colour with age or body primness. Like really? You guys are paid? I’ve got no degree in any biology but self educated.
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The environmental message within the documentary is how living in the dry desert is difficult for animals to survive in. They struggle in the hot heats and there is water drought. The Kalahari desert is pure dust and its hard for some animals to hunt. In the Delta is where the last water source is, animals are going into that area to get water for themselves. The animals aim for survival, they are constantly moving with their families. Whether it's a Lion, wolf, and water buffalo the herd is usually headed by the mother. Surviving Paradise shows us about family and its protecting embrace in the face of present danger. The sequences with the Lions guiding and protecting her pride is seen as human. The documentary is filled with many information on the food chain and how one organism keeps the flow going. I would definitely recommend this documentary for both kids and adults!

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