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Sweet Sunshine

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age 15+

What God because it isn't Christ?

It's not very country like or Christ based. The music isn't even country. Pertaining to the faith part, it's more westernized Hindu decor in the background and shallow prayers. There is more soul in their pop punk rock songs;the music sometimes has a hint of folk. If you don't care about details you might like this movie. It's better than most low budgeted films, such as, the acting. If you don't have much budget for a film at least have good acting, right? There isn't whole lot of depth in the script, and very wannabe Hollywood with costume and sexual context; Hollywood is not wholesome, people. One scene the main character is performing and cheesyly shows off his chest while singing. There is more sexual immoral content that is hinted throughout the movie but not shown. There is violence in the movie including one girl knocking out another. Very laughable. A teen girl might like this movie, maybe.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much consumerism