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age 18+

Jackman is almost convincing...lots of explosions.

A VERY convoluted plot that you want to get into and want to follow and then you give up and watch thing after thing go boom. The acting is hanging by a thread, as is the plot....boom. Although Jackman manages to make it somewhat convincing and then boom something else explodes.
age 15+

Shallow guilty pleasure

The movie makes no sense. No more violent than Marvel. 30 f words. Topless Halle Berry and the bizzare use of oral sex as torture. Fun.
age 16+

Waste of time...

Despite a cool explosion in the beginning, there's nothing else here worth seeing. Literally. The story is hard to follow, the acting isn't good (which is surprising), and event he rest of the action scenes are dull. Parents: if you or your kids end up seeing this horrible movie there are some things you should know: there's bloody wounds with every action scene, nudity, strong sexual content, and pervasive language. Bottom Line: Don't waste your time on this thriller when there are so much better ones out there. Thanks for reading! - Movie Man

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking