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For those trying to get more information about ADHD, this is not it. ADHD is a serious disability where kids and adults are being diagnosed daily. I wasn’t diagnosed till I was an adult. I take Adderall. Does it need to continue to be regulated? Yes of course. Like others I have been around people addicted to meth or have done it. One of the most common symptoms of ADHD is depression. Which is more common in females and one that I struggled with as a child. With the help of regulated ADHD medication I can now perform my job that is in the medical field more proficiently. Able to feel more whole. Something only someone that has ADHD can understand. For those that wish to watch this video from this YouTube channel “How to ADHD.” This has helped me understand more.
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i have adhd this is anti adhd propoganda

i have to face this every day people syay adhd is not real or bull shit this film suggest adhd is over dignioised and they never acally explanie how adhd adhd is real i take medications for it and they are not addictive they suggest that everyone with adhd is a drug abuser and abuse stimulants they say every adhd medication is bad it affects everyone in different ways and there are many medications they just exaplian the bad effects but never highlight the good this just shows how people with adhd are disciminted on a daily dasis basis and this is unfair
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Self-serving, attention-seeking pseudo documentary

Horrible vetting of sources. Definite agenda. The two producers have ADHD and prefer to think of it as a creative feature. They are also massively wealthy and privileged. This is a horrible attempt to gain attention (and I bet Shriver will soon be selling some Nutrient for Your Brain Infomercial) at the cost of hurting vulnerable people. No one should watch this. It’s not just a waste of time: it’s rank propaganda. Don’t imagine that what you watch, the ideas you put into your head, doesn’t affect your brain. Because it does, and it’s not healthy. P.S. I’d like to know what drugs this reviewer is on. Because I will definitely stay away. Talk about poor judgment. And look at these choices below. You don’t even give an option for “fake news” and “propaganda.” Wow. Not much common sense here, is there.

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