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Team Hot Wheels: Origin of Awesome

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age 10+

How do i even describe this

If i could, i'd rate this movie 200/5 stars! it really teaches a lesson on teamwork and being helpful at the beginning i thought nothing was going to happen But after the first 25 minutes i had fallen into a world of amazing art and valuable lessons if anything the song 'Gonna Race All Night' was a perfect idea and the other parts just blew me and my friends who also like this movie) away! Mattel should make a 4th addition to this series, 'cuz i would pay to see that in cinemas! one thing that caught my eye was the supposed "Friendship" between Gage and Brandon, which in the scene where Rhett quotes "well a second pizza party would'ave been nice-" If you look to the right a bit then you end up with that! Overall: i recommenced this for any race car fans and anyone who is looking for a simple, but worth the money movie to watch.

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