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Tell Me Who I Am

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age 16+

Powerful...there are no words

A stunner of a film. Harrowing, difficult to watch at times, but the strength and power of love shared by these brothers is palpable. To share their vulnerabilities in a sincere fashion is harrowing and moving. An understated cinematography allows for richness in symbolism and the stark camera work allows for us to feel more intimately involved with the brothers. Powerful.
age 18+

Amazingly horrible ordeal

I wouldn't want kids to watch this - I dont see how this would be of any benefit but for adults it's a must!! What makes it special & profound is how two twin boys who experienced the same ordeals (I won't ruin the documentary)sent them on two different journeys which ultimately gives two perspectives. It deals with child abuse and what is special about the way this documentary is delivered is it shows how there can be a divide. From someone who has been so emotionally impacted to another who can only go on how it must have felt without being attached to the real memories of something horrific. It plays out in front of your very eyes-the heart wrenching pain of one twin who wants to protect the other. It shows you just how other people can be the enablers- the father and friends -which an abuser needs if they are to get away with anything.