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Thank You for Smoking

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The nitty gritty of smoking!

Absolutely an amazing film! Not only outlines the dangers of smoking, but also gives you some serious insight on people who lobby for tabbaco!

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
age 14+

Thought provoking; a good primer on how to be critical of advertising

It's important to realize that Big Tobacco and the other less-than-favorable aspects of the movie are presented as, well, less-than-favorable. Slick arguers and quick-witted (some of) them they may be, but the movie has a not-too-subtle approach to showing us the shallow, morally bankrupt nature of these characters. A great conversation starter.

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Great messages
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 11+

Probably seen worse

I watched this with my eleven year old cousin. (She was 10 at the time) Note this kid has seen worse and could probably beat up my high school's football team. Anyway the more we watched the more I realized she probably shouldn't be watching this and then she turns to me and says "I saw R- rated movies when i was 7 this isn't as bad as any of the others." Makes you wonder huh? Anyway, if you child is anything like my cousin go for it i love this movie but if not then i'd hold off till their about 14.

This title has:

Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 13+

Talk to your kids

This is a great vehicle for discussing critical thinking and healthy skepticism with your children, once they have the appropriate maturity level to see deeply enough into the characters. Why is this person saying what he is saying? I really don't care about the language or the smoking. Low, self-destructive behavior is all around us. We choose to participate or we don't. Another good discussion point.