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Kid, 12 years old April 6, 2013

A clever, underrated delight, friendly for any age.

It may look like a bad film, for reasons such as animation that isn't too spectacular, but I honestly couldn't find any harmful issues with this movie. I think it's great for kids with good characters with good voice actors, fun songs, and a good story. As far as it goes for little kids, there are some moments that can be a bit violent, but there won't be anything that would scar the children for life or anything. Thumbelina, the main character, is a good role model for children that isn't a stereotype for girls in children's media. She isn't just some damsel in distress that constantly has to be rescued by the knight in shining armor. A lot of times, she takes manors into her own hand, and shows girls that there is more to being a girl/princess that constantly has to have the man save her. This is very underrated, and is a good movie for kids. If you can't find anything better for your five-year-old to watch, defiantly get The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina.
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