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Very gripping story of paranoia and loneliness.

In a career highlight performance for George Clooney, he plays an assassin hired to build a weapon for one last job. Clooney embodies someone who desperately wants a connection, but can't because of his chosen career. He visits prostitutes, not for the sex but for the brief human connection they allow him. He eventually starts a relationship with one of the prostitutes, which grants him relieve from the constant paranoia and looking over his shoulder. There are long stretches of silence, with the camera following Clooney through his solitary life. These are the key scenes in the movie. They make all of the human interactions the american has, whether it's with the priest, who wants to help him, or his favourite prostitute, all the sweeter. You wish that the scenes could go on forever, but you know they have to end, and you share in George's sorrow. If you don't go into this movie expecting a white knuckle action thriller, you will be disappointed, but if you allow yourself to sympathize with the lead character, you will experience a great thriller that relies on mood and atmosphere, rather than constant chases and gunfire.
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This film feels like such a boring waste of time, this movie is so boring and silent it will make you want to fall asleep in it's first 30 Minutes. It is well shot and looks beautiful most of the time but it's incredibly dull.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex