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age 16+

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The Angriest Man in Brooklyn was a fairly decent watch. One of Robin Williams' last films, sadly, I hate to see him go. His performance was spot on, but absolutely not recommended for children of any age under 16. Williams plays Henry, who is extremely angry for no good reason. He often loses his temper to anything that gets in his way. While getting a checkup at the Doctors, he meets a nice physician called Sharon (Mila Kunis) who is taking the place of his regular doctor, which causes problems for Henry who only has faith in his regular doctor. When Henry learns he's only got 90 minutes to live due to a brain aneurysm, he panics, but makes a heartwarming decision to make things right with his dysfunctional family. When things seem to go more down hill, his stress gets the best of him as he heads over to the Brooklyn bridge to jump, but Sharon's right behind him and will stop at nothing to help set him straight. Can she change his mind in time? The story is not bad, a few laughs here & there, a couple of teary eyed moments. I think it could have been much funnier though! Language is very strong from many f-words and uses of sh*t to name calling words like c*nt, p*ss, Goddamn, hell and prick. Violence revolves around death including suicide, has car chases, a man sprayed in the face with mace, lots of shouting and arguing that's sometimes hurtful, a car crash though not severe. Sexual content shows a man thrusting behind a woman with some moaning sounds but no nudity, some sex talk throughout, a wife admits she cheats on her husband right to his face, a man tries to get his wife to sleep with him with some graphic terms said. Drugs include pill popping from a young doctor who seems to always be stressed, some light drinking. Okay for 16 and up.

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Too much swearing