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Rollicking Old West ride lassos some stereotypes.
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Teen, 17 years old Written byAngeline D April 11, 2020

Amazing Movie!!!!!!

This was my favorite movie as a kid and it has only gotten better! There is absolutely nothing in here that you need to worry about. The majority of the violence is slapstick and comedic. The parts that are more serious (if such a thing is possible in this movie) never make you doubt that it will all work out in the end. I thought that common sense was a little bit off in their review; I never picked up on any sexist undertones. As a strong feminist, that is always something that is on my radar, but I was surprised to read that. In fact, Dusty is an amazing character who can shoot, ride, and fight just as well as any man in the movie. In the end, she does decide to give up her wild lifestyle and settled down with to raise family, but are we trying to tell our girls that that is a bad thing? It is also clear that her relationship with Donovan is based on mutual respect and love. Not an accurate review, but definitely an amazing movie! It should be on everyone's watchlist!
Teen, 16 years old Written bymoviewannabe January 14, 2013

Hilarious slapstick classic!!!!

This may be a Disney movie, but it hilarious and this slapstick western should actually be a comedy instead of classic or family and kids. On Feburary 16, 2013, I posted a parody of this film to YouTube where everybody who was involved in the bank robbery at the end of the film get thrown in jail just for having guns in a G-rated movie. Language: some name calling: "suckers", "cabbage head", "ungrateful fleabag" and two uses of "shut up". Educational value: Some kids can learn the elements needed for a slapstick comedy.

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Teen, 17 years old Written byUgli Chic February 6, 2011

Watch. This. Movie.

Watch. This. Movie. Those are the three first words I can say between laughs. If you want a family film, this is one of the BEST. Lots of slapstick comedy, given that Don Knotts and Tim Conway are in here. Some stereotyping of Asian people, portraying them as angry scary people towards the kids. There is a saloon which the characters go in and out of regularly, but only two characters shows mild drunkeness. Some discussion of good-looking women between bachelors, and discussion of marriage and 'excercising marital prerogatives'. Young kids may not understand that part until they get older. Great message of sticking by those you love, and don't desert them; good role models in the Sheriff and Donavan, once he learns his lesson(s). Basic storyline: an unfortunate bachelor gets landed with 3 kids he doesn't want after a friend dies. He tries to find someone to look after them so he can leave the city, and ends up 'marrying' (in name only) Dusty, a tomboyish girl who lives in town. They have big arguments that everybody watches with amusement; the kids go off to explore family mines and find gold and trouble. Suddenly, everybody in the town cares for them, and wants to adopt them (hmmm...). The town's dumb criminals, Amos and Theodore, who never succeed at anything, try to steal the gold. Another bad guy gang, led by an old enemy that Amos shot accidently, wants the gold too, and the showdown begins from there. Very exciting and hilarious. ~Ugli Chic

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