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Weepy wisdom dispensed in dog drama about life and loss.
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Adult Written bymoviesandcandy January 10, 2020

Seriously, not for kids!

I'm so sorry that I showed this movie to my daughter. So.Very.Sorry.

This movie's intention was good, but it fell flat for me. But, more importantly, it was way too sad to show to your kid(s) on a Friday night. I prepped my daughter by telling her it was going to be a fun movie about a dog - - a dog that "tells the story."

Great concept, but the story line was seriously a downer. Being an adult, I forced myself to watch it through to the end, but my daughter asked me to turn it off. : (

Some movies visit the "death topic"..... this movie was drenched in in. This movie was drowning it it......and, it was a bummer.

Additionally, the story line just wasn't smooth enough, built up enough... never really showed the two of them dating, really, getting to know one another. It just sort of seemed thrown together.

I don't recommend it..... but, I especially do not recommend it for kids ( 16 and above would be just fine with it ).
Adult Written byTwoGoldens September 8, 2019

A Beautiful Movie

First - don't believe the hackneyed reviews from movie critics that this is a terrible, cliched dog movie. It's anything but. My sympathies to the critics who have difficulties seeing this movie for what it truly is. Maybe they're just cat people. Even better, it's not a sequel, or prequel and has no CG scenery, explosions, or violence, either. Yay!

If you've read Garth Stein's best-seller of the same name, or your children, the young-adult version, you'll see that the movie adheres to about 95% of the plot and definitely captures the sweet essence of the book, but reading the book beforehand isn't mandatory. If you DO see the movie first, you may wish to read the book afterwards - Garth Stein is a GREAT, nuanced author who knows how to capture the best of the human (and canine) spirit.

That being said, the story of race car driver, Denny Swift, his dog Enzo (who wants to come back someday as a human, so he too, can race), Denny's wife, Eve and daughter Zoe, is a rollercoaster of emotions, from over-the-top joy, to heartbreaking tragedy and back again. The ending is, indeed, joyous - just bring some Kleenex.

"The Art of Racing In The Rain" is one one of the best you'll see this year, or for a long time. Like a perfectly-prepared meal where all the ingredients and spices combine to make a memorable meal, the same can be said for this movie: a beautiful, poignant story, terrific acting, great directing, beautiful scenery (Seattle) and a subtle, mesmerizing soundtrack are all expertly combined to create a movie to enjoy now and for years to come. While actors Milo Ventimiglia (Denny), Amanda Seyfried (Eve) and Ryan Kiera Armstrong (Zoe) beautifully compliment the characters, it is Kevin Costner, as the voice of Enzo, played by Rupert (pup), Parker (two year-old Enzo) and Butler (ten year-old Enzo) that lends a beautiful depth and gravitas to the story as he shares his views of life and his time with Denny, Eve and Zoe.

Some themes in the movie (death, families in conflict, reincarnation) may be difficult for younger children to process, but older children (9+) should be fine with it - and one that they and the rest of the family can enjoy again and again. While it is departing many theaters this week, it should be available on DVD and via streaming soon.

Truly a wonderful, heart-warming story. I'll go as far as saying it's the best movie, ever.
Adult Written byMclint9171 August 16, 2019

Wonderful and touching

This movie did what many can’t, If you have a soul that is, or are an animal lover I suppose, it reaches in and exposes your raw emotions.

The moving is heart warming as well as heart breaking. Just like life, the movie follows the highs and the lows.

It is touching, it has a beautiful message, and I’d like to believe it will touch most people.

The first time I saw it I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the theater. The second time, much the same.

I feel it was done tastefully and reminds us of the loyalty of animals and the inherent good in people.

Frankly this movie has emotion and depth, which is perhaps why some critics have panned it. People are afraid of being exposed, feeling vulnerable, and allowing their emotions to bubble up.

For me, seeing a movie that was not just another live action remake, not another comic franchise, not another horror movie, not another action movie, or cheesy computer generated “cartoon”; was a wonderful change of pace.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 5, 10, and 10-year-old Written bysilwuttke January 5, 2020


REALLY GOOD and inspirational movie. BUT... includes a lot of violence and sadness

Sadness and Violence (SPOILER ALERTS INCLUDED)
DENNY'S wife dies of cancer and Denny's father in law sues him for not being a good father because most of the time he races and is not home to take care of his daughter and he gets so angry from hearing this news that he throws his father in law on the floor and he almost fractures his ribs. Also in one seen Enzo gets hit by a car.

Sexual content and Drinking
A couple of kisses between Annie and Denny they also sleep with each other. There is some drinking scenes.

One use of s**t, and hell is used throughout.

Positive Role Models
Denny and Enzo show positive role models throughout.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byTpott September 20, 2019

There IS swearing

I looked up this review on common sense to avoid any swearing. The rating gave NO swearing. I confidently went to this movie. To my complete disappointment, u will hear G**, Jes**, Chr***, and he**. This is when I walked out so idk if there is anything else. Common sense, why the complete inaccurate language info?? My trust in this website is now broken.

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Adult Written byLynda O August 18, 2019

This film really moved me

I've never had a dog, but walking out of the film I understood why everyone seems to love their dogs. The film has great photography and is thought provoking in many ways. Messages like loyalty, betrayal, the afterlife, doing what you love doing, and creating a happy family life are all covered here. I loved the film's rhythm and cadence, and will think about it for a long time.
Adult Written byBellesers August 10, 2019

Love it

One of the greatest movies of all time

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models