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The Autopsy of Jane Doe

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Dreadful Horror Masterpiece

The scariest movie I have ever seen. Absolutely not for kids. Full frontal nudity of female corpse throughout the film; said corpse is operated on and dissected with surgical tools. Morgue setting contributes to choking sense of dread through the whole movie. Character killed with an axe to the chest and is shown bleeding out. Dead bodies are shown and reanimated to hunt the living, one of which has a self inflicted shotgun hole through his face. Cat is gravely injured and put out of its misery. Was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Wonderfully and expertly made, an example of how jarring and terrifying horror can be when it builds slowly without cheap jump scares and gore. Do not let your kids near this.
age 14+

It’s a horror Masterpiece

First of yes she is naked throughout the entire film, but she is dead and any 14 year old should be able to handle it and that is the only sexual bit in the film, secondly the violence, most of it is just shown at the operating table as they, well operate on her. A brain and a couple other bodyparts are shown as well but nothing to brutal, there is a bit of blood spraying and a cat has to be put down, but that about it. Honestly my opinion is that any 14 year old could handle this film as it’s not as severe as some other films such as cabin in the woods or saw. Definitely worth a watch.
age 17+

Haunting & Disturbing. NOT for Kids.

The entire movie involves explicit nudity throughout, but in a non-sexual manner. It also has some disturbing bloody images, some strong violence & language.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 15+

Disturbing, extremely scary horror movie

This movie really surprised me. I loved it! Violence 7/10. An autopsy is the main focus of the movie. A woman is cut open with her innards exposed. Disturbing imagery. A woman in killed by an axe to the chest. She is shown on the floor, bleeding out. Sex 2/10. A dead body is nude the whole movie, but obviously in a non-sexual way.