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The Backyardigans: Tale of the Mighty Knights

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is the best movie or special in a series saddens me to put it as a movie for babies since babies would not understand the adventure not even at 3 years old would understand it has good action the duende thief is a great character and very funny haha and the dvd has 2 episode more blazing padles and garbage treck and sinseramente I do not feel like it is for children of preschool age and the big ones like me would enjoy it more and we would understand better the references

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Why let kids view teaching shows that subvert integrity?

I noted that my 5 year old gleaned the message from the "Grabbing Goblin" that it is ok to steal. You only have to return the item if the person you stole from discovers it and asks you NICELY to return it. Took a patient lesson to undo that, to teach that taking without asking is NEVER appropriate.