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Nice animation, but that’s it

Oof where to start with this? The movie begins with an action scene that’s SO out of context (it feels it’s already in the middle of the movie when it’s just starting). When the LONG first scene finally ends, we are presented the other characters, a grumpy bear and an annoying hare. I hated both of them. No redeeming qualities to neither. Then we see a THIRD parallel story of a dumb stork who delivers a baby panda to the wrong family, and then the friends bear and hare go on an adventure to take the baby to their real family. Honestly, it’s all so tedious. The scenes keep repeating and repeating all the time a new character enters, and we see some random, non connected to the plot scenes, like the bear being the father of the hare?? All the characters where so irritating (the tiger one was kinda hot, not gonna lie, but that’s it). The story is corny, repetitive and uninteresting. However, some people say the animation is bad, which I strongly disagree, specially considering this movie was meant to be released in DVD and home video. The colors were bright and beautiful, of course it’s not Pixar level, but it’s good enough. Overall, it’s just the corny “different animals unite and go on an adventure together” kind of plot. If you want to see something like that, go watch Ice Age, Madagascar or even The Wild, where at least the parts that were to be funny actually were. Here, there’s no development of characters, it feels like random episodes of a child series were connected to form a movie with horrible pacing.
age 6+

pretty good

I think this movie is funny, but there is some parts that are pretty scary.But the rest of this movie is good.

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