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Muddled dramedy deals with dark, disturbing topics.
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Adult Written byMel6 June 17, 2017

We Need More of These Movies....

This movie was charming, adventurous, and successfully dealt with heavy topic without ONCE revealing the topic to youngsters, while getting the message across to adults. No nudity. No Gore. Just love and family, even in the midst of difficult, trying circumstances. A child was molested....we didn't have to "see" it to "get" it. A man is killed.....we didn't have to "see" it to "get" it. Non-animated movie that adults could enjoy with their kiddos. We need more of this. Refreshing movie. Loved it.

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Adult Written byRandy T. June 29, 2017

Wishing professional critics could watch movies for enjoyment and not just for dissection...

My wife and I went to see "The Book of Henry" in spite of the many bad reviews. Needless to say we were once again amazed that the critics missed a great movie. How can anyone not enjoy watching this family. Single mom trying to work things out but wishing life wasn't so demanding; youngest son idolizing his "genius" brother who refuses to go to a school for gifted youth because he needs more "normalcy" in his life; and Henry who is a bonafide genius with a giant heart and sensitivity that goes beyond his age. Are some of the parts of this story beyond credible? Yes, and what movie isn't. They are all "condensed" versions of story telling. Thank you to the cast, the producers and the director for sticking to their goals. Were there moments of joy, humor, pathos, tragedy and redemption...YES!! Can anyone with a heart watch the performances Henry and his family go through and not have to fight back tears...NO!! If they left the story at that it would be only half of what it should be...but they wisely don't. I say, go see this your popcorn and treats early because you may not be able to later...laugh, smile, tear up and cry, and absorb the whole story...then leave the theater grateful to have been able to experience what this movie depicts without actually having to live through these experiences in "real life". You could do a lot worse with your time and money. I just wish the critics would have seen the same movie we did.

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Parent Written byStacey B. December 9, 2017
There’s not much violence on screen. A girl is abused by her dad, but it doesn’t show on screen. The worst part is bad words. Common sense says it has strong language which isn’t true. It has language but not strong. It says mild bad words every once in awhile. One f is used. It is definitely sad.

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Adult Written bySolo Fide November 7, 2017

Surprisingly good !

This movie is infinitely better than what the official Common Sense Media review suggests. The bad language is very sporadic and brief, and in most cases is reprimanded by characters in the film. This movie does not glorify the use of profanity/vulgarity as do too many films today, nor does it use it for laughs but instead highlights a flaw in one of the adult characters which is shown to be unliked by the precocious child characters. And, yes, a dying child character is kissed on the lips by a friend of the mother. Unlike the reviews which I read seemed to suggest, there are no sexual connotations that I could pick up on, especially taking into consideration the context of the kiss and the two characters involved. I've seen criticism by some of even mothers kissing their own children on the lips, and I think it is over sensitivity, or perhaps a cultural misunderstanding in many cases. The story itself is delightful and encompasses themes and important messages on many levels. The importance of acting in the best interest of others vs. self preservation and apathy is explored. The movie also explores the emotional conflict which ensues when one tries to solve a serious and grave situation of moral failure with another moral failure. Is morality objectively right or wrong? Who is a better judge on what is right or wrong, a child or an adult? The film also touches on mental health issues with regard to grief, and a mother who struggles with maturity and being able to think for herself that is exacerbated by her two precocious sons. Don't let the bad review deter you from watching this creatively and lovingly crafted movie as I almost did. As the credits rolled at the end, I began to seriously wonder whether I had watched a different version of the movie than the Common Sense Media reviewer!

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Adult Written byBeautiful D. July 4, 2017
Parent Written byJohn K. June 18, 2018

Dark movie, but interesting enough

So, the characters have some good intentions.. but this is basically about a Mother who can't take care of herself or her kids, and is taken care of by her genius son. The film touch's on loss, abuse, alcoholism, premeditated murder, corruption, abuse of power, and suicide. There is some crude language. Definitely not what I was expecting (don't judge a movie by it's cover). Still, it was thought provoking, with some twists and turns. Lots of unbelievable stuff going on.
Adult Written bypeterb703 August 26, 2018
Adult Written byfilmneye July 21, 2018

Surprisingly GOOD! Don't be fooled by the unfairly Bad reviews!

Don't believe the bad reviews of this film! The criticisms and negative bias against this film are largely exaggerated and off-base. The film deals with fairly dark subject matter w/subtlety and a big heart. The principal actors' wonderfully real and natural acting is what makes this possible, esp. the child actors. The central question of this film is essentially "Who's the 'Parent', Who's the 'Child'?" You might call it an unexpectedly different kind of "coming of age" story. Altho not your usual, this is truly a "Family Film" that is filled with Love and has a very important positive message to it!

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