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Okay comedy has tons of sexual content.

The Bronze is a 2015 comedy directed by Bryan Buckley and starring Melissa Rauch, Sebastian Stan, Cecily Strong, and Thomas Middlemitch. Language(4/5): "F**k", "b**ch", "d**k", "pu**y", "a**", "a**hole", "s**t", "c**k-sucker", "hell", and brief uses of "c**t". Sex(5/5): Several scenes imply sexual acts, including a scene with m*sturbation where nothing is shown except the nudity. An or*y happens from a distance shortly, but is graphic in that time, with sexual positions, female and male nudity, and stimulation. Drinking, Drugs, And Smoking(4/5): A teen abuse drugs in several scenes, taking weed, heroin, crack, and more. Violence: None. Positive Messages: None. Positive Role Models And Representations: None. Quality(opinionated): Okay. Very sexual jokes, and one laugh, but very forgettable despite being one of the only rated-R movies I've seen. (My rating) R For language, some drug use, and sexual content/nudity - all involving minors.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 18+

Hilarious and mean comedy is very entertaining but extremely racy.

My rating:R for graphic sexuality, nudity, and language throughout.