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The Colour Room

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Great movie, nice messages 11+

A great movie, many good messages and role models. Also has great acting, and a few funny moments. However there are some sad parts, and the main character is shown kissing a married man. Overall an awesome movie with a great message.

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Great messages
Great role models
age 9+

Formulaic Rubbish!

Think of ‘Fisherman’s Friends.’ The one about the black, debating society, with Denzil Washington. The one about striking women, at the Ford, car factory. The one about the soccer team, the baseball team, like the one with Madonna. This film contains, like all these formulas, very little truth. I wanted to know more about Clarice and I was given a formulaic film. It reminded me of , Hornblower.’ “You saved every man Jack in that fleet, Hornblower.” You saved this factory, Clarice!”There is a formula, a template, to these modern films that is so old. Just pick a subject and go to the template and copy it. You will make a fortune. It’s attempt to include ‘diversity’ is pathetic. Was there a secretary called ‘Vera’? Was she black? I doubt it, since very few - if no black women, had achieved that status at that time. Why can’t we make good films anymore, like the ‘Ealing Comedies’? Wonderful, genius creations, that gave us more than a safe formula. I wasted my Sunday night watching this. Don’t waste yours.

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Too much consumerism