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Horror sequel is intense, but not as good as previous films.
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Adult Written byAndrew88 June 5, 2021

The worst 2 hours of any horrror

I was so looking forward to this as I love 1 and 2 but this is a slow burner and not one bit scary I would even watch it my 4 year old, even though there is so many good reviews on this film not sure why but only watch if you are really bored and have lots of time to kill
Adult Written byLorraine W. June 16, 2021

Good addition to the universe

Watched with my kids 13, 16, and 19 in theaters. It's good, it's more of a love story between the two warren characters. Cool exorcism scenes. The woman who played the witch was a good scary actress. Not too gory, not too scary. Fine for kids. Vera farmiga is a great actress too.
Adult Written bymeydiana.rizki June 11, 2021

Just Fine

First of all I must say that I'm a big fan of horror ganre and I literally LOVE The Conjuring 1 & 2 but the third part of The Conjuring has some advantages and disadvantages that I'm gonna tell my opinions about it.

If you expect The Conjuring 3 to be a crime/detective mystery movie , you will enjoy every minute of it without a doubt. But if you look at The Conjuring 3 as a horror/thriller one, I should say it will definitely fail you because not only the movie is not scary, also it's full of boring plots and regular cliche sciences.

The Conjuring 3 hasn't discipline to introduce it's character to the audience therefore we couldn't create a connection between them and each other for example the show never revealed the background history of that lady so it couldn't generate terror and fear inside us.

In my opinion the absence of James wan as the director or writer is the only reason that Conjuring 3 didn't fulfill our expectations.

But it has some advantages after all, like a new storyline and a entertaining mystery for Ed and Lorraine to solve.

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Adult Written byBlitzGuy20 June 4, 2021

Interesting sequel is also the most disturbing

“The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” is the third sequel in the main conjuring series and it still holds on to its high quality values. However, this installment is also the most disturbing and violent.


A man is stabbed in the leg showing some blood.

A possessed young boy twists his body rapidly in disturbing ways.

A young boy attacks several people and punches a man in the neck and body causing a heart attack.

We hear a man get stabbed about 20 times, and we briefly see his bloody corpse on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood. The stabbing is not shown.

We see a young girl get repeatedly stabbed in the stomach with a knife showing blood . Several close up shots of the stabbing are shown, and so is the aftermath. Despite this, the scene phases in and out of reality, so it cuts from the violence and cuts back in. She is stabbed 22 times in total.

Several corpses are shown with white drapes over them, and their purple hands are also shown.

A boy slits his wrists with glass shards showing a large amount of blood around the wounds, however not much of the cutting is shown (some is) but more of the aftermath.

A mans throat is suddenly slit with a knife. This is shown multiple times and is shocking.

During an exorcism, the windows break and glass flies around the room causing minor cuts on several peoples faces.

A boy grabs a glass shard and attempts to slit his own throat however is stopped before he can slit it entirely. A small cut is made on his throat, however.

A woman has all of her bones broken by an invisible demonic force. The demon breaks both of her arms by forcing them back, then both of her legs and upper and lower body, then her neck is snapped, killing her. Very brutal and disturbing.


Some use of “hell”, “jesus christ” and one use of “chicken sh*t”.


Horrific depictions of demonic possession on children, young adults, disturbing demonic violence and scenes of murder. Repeated jump scares and frightening faces of demonic forces. Many scenes of demonic threat and human threat.


This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written bycolly5909doggz June 4, 2021

Outstanding Horror

I recommend that you don't allow your young children to see this movie at all, because it'll give them nightmares for life!! l have seen the first 2 conjuring movies (brilliant) also l have seen all the Annabelle movies, so if you've seen any of these movies then you'll understand this movie...
Adult Written byRohit Saini June 4, 2021

I was doubting about the director but after watching it I may say it's one of the best movie of “the conjuring" frenchise

If you're a conjuring lover and ofcourse james wan sir's fan then i assure you that this is a well directed film of “conjuring" universe

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byJEEVANANDHAM June 3, 2021