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Terrifying paranormal horror movie based on a true story.
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Parent of a 12-year-old Written byFartbottom06 September 28, 2019

Amazing - but VERY scary

This movie was extremely well done and is very scary, it is a "must watch" for early teenagers looking for a scare.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byShepishorror August 12, 2019

Fun and Entertaining while being scary as having sympathy

This Movie Has Great elements that Make the movie great and its not too violent and it dosen't have language its just a pure heartfelt entertaining movie
Adult Written byETHANGaming July 25, 2018

Great Horror Film Just Like The Old Days !!!

I'm a Massive Fan Of Horror Games, Movies ... I just watched this and it was great ! Don't get me wrong I love all the gory horror films Like Saw , Wrong Turn, The Hills Have Eyes ... but it's good to have a Horror movie that doesn't rely on Gore , Swearing , Sex This Movie Is completely suitable for a 13 year old unless your kid gets scared at alot of stuff it depends if your kid can handle it Cause the film is very scary, violence : 4/10
Swearing : 1/10
Sex : 0/10
Scarinness : 8/10
Parent of a 13 and 15-year-old Written byMerrie August 9, 2013

Expertly crafted,Suspenseful, Well-acted and well worth the cost of a ticket-for tweens and up!

The R rating on this film was a ridiculous decision. I brought my 14 and 15 year old to see it. They loved it so much, we went back to see it again. My kids love horror movies and it is rare that a quality suspense/horror film is made that teens can see that is not offensive. The fact that this movie is based on a true story makes it all the more interesting. I researched the story along with my kids after we saw it and it turned into a bit of a history lesson. There is information about the era of witch craft accusations related to the story and also, the practice of excorcism, which is a fascinating part of history and continues today. This movie is well-acted and it is the subtlety of the the script and editing that keeps the audience on it's toes, cowering in fear in many many scenes. The family and Ghost-hunting team are also very likeable, there is no fall guy, or scape goat in this story; you root for everyone. Obviously, if your tween or teen is prone to nightmares, have common sense and do not bring them. If they cannot tolerate haunted houses at Halloween or other scary movie; this is not for them.It is a real shame that that there is finally a scary movie that does not rely on sex, bad language and excessive gore for cheap thrills and it is rated R. I recommend it ages 12 and up depending on scare tolerance.
Parent of a 12 and 14-year-old Written byarhudson0405 July 22, 2013

Know What Your Child Can Handle Beforehand!

I took my 12 year old to see it after reading a bunch of reviews and asking a friends opinion. It was more of a jump scare kind of thing. But my 12 year old is very cynical and tends to laugh off the scares, using logic to explain most of the things on the screen away. This movie would depend on your child's maturity level. It's not a movie I would take my 14 year old to see since he basically has the mental age of an 8 year old. This is a definite no go for him. But for a mature 12 year old or 14 year old who isn't sensitive to such things it's a good scare. But I'm normally an easy going mom that isn't bothered by language and gore. It's sexual things that I'll edit out.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byNsnsjsjsjsjsjjs... January 13, 2020
Adult Written byBsbdb January 10, 2020
Adult Written January 4, 2020

I never watched but I heard it is amazing

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byjulianna92 October 2, 2019

A must-see for paranormal-horror fans

This is a film about a haunted house and a demonic witch. Never mind it’s simple formula, this movie is surprisingly good due to an intense and suspenseful plot and excellent acting and directing. Unlike most horror films nowadays, the characters are engaging and well-written. There are several jump scares but they are craftily placed throughout the film, making it a truly terrifying experience. However, it’s not recommended for kids nor immature teenagers. It’s important for them to know what they handle because it can be too much for some teens. There is violence and creepiness going on: pets are killed, all the elements of a haunted house are present (creepy noises, etc.), demonic appearances, ghosts in mirrors, demonic possession, child sacrifice to a demon and exorcism. There is no nudity nor sexual content.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byITzSlider July 17, 2019

This is a good, well directed horror movie.

The Conjuring is a very basic and mildly scary horror movie. It’s simplicity is not a bad thing, however, it works in the film’s favor. If you want a fun horror movie, go check it out, it’s a modern gem in a slew of garbage. It for sure has its moments but it’s nothing more than a haunted house ride, jumpscares and all. There is almost no swearing, and there is little violence worth noting. This is a horror movie that’s rated R only because it is scary. There is some imagery of suicide such as the ghosts of people who had hung themselves or cut their wrists. There is also a plot development that reveals the motives of the demonic spirit, Bathsheba, which spoilers, leads to the possessed mother’s attempt to kill some of her kids. It’s obviously not for people who dislike horror movies. Overall I’d say it’s not too bad. Kids 13 years and older should be able to handle it.
Adult Written bymoviecrticsz June 27, 2019

Not the best still good.

I give this 79/100

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byChloe Lynn Cui ... June 25, 2019

Ages 14+

Very scary !
Adult Written byChocoRabbit May 30, 2019

Best Horror Movie!

I watched this in theaters back when I was around 13. It remains one of my favorite horror movies. There is not a lot of sex or gore, but there is a lot of scary and fun stuff! The characters are endearing and positive people unlike many horror movie characters that are written to be too edgy, mean, or plain awful just to ramp up drama.

This title contains:

Positive role models
Parent Written byFinBEAR March 2, 2019

Amazing horror movie

While the movie doesn't have graphic language and sex, it is still not for everyone. The plot is a family that move into a cursed home where disturbing paranormal activity leads up to the mom being possessed to murder two of her kids in the cellar. Not the most graphic violence but the mother is shown coughing up blood and biting skin off the side of a cop's face. Very smart and disturbing movie for teens about 14-15 and above.
Adult Written bykarazore1 February 15, 2019

Parents, this one should not be within fifty feet of the littlest ones.

I have a filmmaking related degree; I live and breathe it like an encyclopedia and studied it in college. I know many of the tricks used in film to scare people and make fx myself for a living.

I am also a survivor of my babysitter's big mistake of letting Freddy Krueger films sit on the Ottoman unguarded and mixing it up for the Care Bears. Could have done without that on my path to my profession: brightly colored bears and a dream demon with knives for fingers do not mix well in the mind of a seven year old. (This is why I don't allow my little niecelings to see my work unless it is 1000% cuddly.)

Parents, this one should not be seen by anyone at bear minimum fourteen or fifteen years old & should be kept away from little kids. Your twelve year old may beg, but do not give in. This is a very frightening tale involving a witch and the family dog getting killed and people levitating and near child sacrifice to a demon. That's just without giving it all away.

I would recommend this to teenagers having a Halloween party in the living room but middle schoolers at a slumber party is a big no no. (Someone a whisker shy of fifteen might be able to take it, but not a nanosecond before.) The quality of the film is very good and a worthy addition to the horror canon started all those years ago in the silent era; this could be said to be the spiritual son of Poltergeist (1982) and the Exorcist (1973) since it inherits a lot from those two landmarks in terms of visual design, pacing, and setup. The acting is believable, not an Oscar performance, but it nails the sweet spot between overboard drama and cheesy, where it makes you want to get lured in. (Hitting this is not easy and a lot of B horror films make an Olympic even of failing to hit it. The list is long.) Kudos to the set director and the costume design, right on the money, and hats off to the director.
Written byAnonymous November 22, 2018

The butt review

This is a good horror movie with no gore and sex. There is very little cussing with sh*t and other words but nothing like the f word.
Adult Written bythe reviewer101 September 3, 2018

the conjuring

the conjuring. is quite scary but not really scary the scares are there for people to experience and. some younger viewers might get startled but it is a decent film. - not the best by far but not a real rubbish film by far. either but the conjuring will make a great film for halloween if you were watching it on your. own. 3 out of 5 stars

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byAnna Q. August 24, 2018
Adult Written byEffie Anastasia B. April 23, 2018

I am 10 and just watched it it didn't freak me out at all i think its ok for this age.

Not really scary at all i liked it though i din't really like it i was expecting it to be creepy.

This title contains:

Positive role models
Adult Written byjojo_bae March 28, 2018

One of the best horror movies I have watched!

I enjoyed the Conjuring very much! It was entertaining and very suspenseful. There were a few mild jump scares that may scare younger viewers. Hardly any gore and no sexual content and only a few curses. The only downside of this movies is it falls under ALL the horror movie cliches. Haunted house, possession, characters making dumb choices, so if you are looking for a good horror movie free of some of these cliches then this is not for you. I will watch again!!!