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Very Sexual

I did not finish watching. I thought it would be ok to watch with my kids. Turns out it’s not ok to watch with kids. There are 2 scenes of masturbation and one with the girl doing it. The camera stays on her the whole time as she makes faces and sounds. Stopped watching after that. I think the kids in the story line are suppose to be 15 or 16 and it’s just gross to see that being filmed. The other scene the boy is doing it while watching porn loudly. Doesn’t show what he’s watching but she walks in on him doing it.

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Too much sex
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age 16+

Good show for older teens - sexual themes, suicide implied, fairly mature (but somewhat boring for adults)

Older teenagers may enjoy this movie. There are definitely sexual themes. As mentioned, a girl masturbates in one scene, and she is fully clothed/hidden under blankets, but it is fairly clear what she is doing. Another scene, loud pornography sounds are playing and a boy is surprised while masturbating. Nothing is shown, but again, obvious what is going on. Occult themes - obviously... witchcraft, ouija boards, magic stuff happening... makes the movie fun, but some families may prefer to avoid such topics. Suicide is implied, possibly due to the actions of certain characters. One girl is transsexual, although it isn't a big topic in the film from what I recall. A bong is showed, but not used for the usual purposes. There is a scene where a girl experiences her first menstrual cycle in a school classroom setting, and the movie handles it well, but it is a topic I'd prefer to discuss with older teenage boys (as opposed to younger teenage boys). Teenage girls may benefit from seeing a real world scenario where other girls are supportive, and acknowledge that it is natural, could be a good conversation starter. On the positive side, some very positive messages interspersed throughout the movie. Acceptance of new people, strength through differences as opposed to ostracism. Controlling/mean people get some bad results. Some fun scary scenes that teenagers may appreciate... and general teenage angst with which they will relate. And who doesn't love David Duchovny, X-Files star? I guess teenagers may not... because #NotOldLikeParents... But I think they'll like this one.

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Great role models
Too much sex
age 11+


This was not very good but was very predicable could of been great but just wasn't. Also had a lot of quinge worthy moments story was badly written.

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Too much consumerism