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Adult Written byLowvid Mom December 3, 2011

Every tween should understand this movie

The Holocaust is part of our family history and for a 5th grade project my son recently interviewed his grandfather about immigrating to the US in the 1940's from Germany. We felt it was time that he understood a little more about the family history. The movie upset him pretty deeply, but then it is an upsetting story. I suggest parents discuss the movie/book with their kids to be sure something like this never happens again.
Parent of a 11 and 16 year old Written byInfantry121 April 1, 2010

Remarkable book and this show

Sad,i already knew everything about this girl(crazy history teacher in 8th grade),when i watch some documentary about her most of the people in the room cried,i wish i had a time machine and go back with a m16 and shot the Gestapo dead,darn it it was a powerful show
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Educator Written bymrscole_201 December 2, 2015

Students WILL understand

I can see why some teachers/parents might be reluctant to show the elements of the Holocaust, WWII, Hitler, etc. to young students, but I do not think we should shield their eyes from HISTORY and allow them to process and think for themselves. I am always astounded by the responses of my students when we analyze what happened with Anne Frank, and it really puts into perspective the value of life. I say every middle school student MUST watch.
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Adult Written byEBONY66 April 27, 2011
I love this movie. Thank you for making it. it really touched me. To know that a girl my aGe went through all of that. Its sad. But the movie was really good. Your rating from a 0 to 10 it would be a 8.. :)
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Parent Written byChatanoogaChooChoo March 29, 2011

Good for preteens

Anne frank is a good role model, she has her flaws as any kid would have in such a stressful situation as the one presented here, but it shows the willingness of people to survive together and look forward to the future. What's good about this movie is that it has enough for an adult to stay interested, but spares children the details of the holocaust, which would not only effect them but confuse them. The movie also addresses Anne's relationship with Peter, in a very subtle way.
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Parent of a 11 and 13 year old Written bygumwithatwist March 5, 2011

Great movie for everyone

It's a great movie and educational at the same time. If you are teacher teaching a WW II unit, this is a great movie to show