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Irreverent dramedy about revenge deals with abuse.
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Adult Written byFuirean April 18, 2020

Slow, quirky, different ***spoiler alert****

We got it from the €1-basket and gave it a go. The girls (11, and 14yo twins) loved it from the start. They've watched it many times since then and tissues are always necessary. But, beware... the themes touched are not average kid stuff.


The gayness of the police officer.
The sexual abuse by the mayor on his drugged out wife.
The weed biscuits helping the pharmacist's wife find peace. The pharmacist is a wife beater btw.
The mentally challenged young man who saw how the bully died, but was/is not listened to because he is who/what he is.

But especially the strength of the main character, who overcame adversity and walked away a queen. The unfairness of it all.

I loved it. They loved it. But watch it first and assess if your child can handle this.
Parent Written byAnn C. April 17, 2018

The Dressmaker made me Smile

Ok so the language isn't 1st grade and there are adult themes but if conversing with your children about the media they consume it has great teachable moments - How was life different in the 1930s and 1950s vs today? Why were "slow" people looked down upon? Why was the lead character and her mother looked down on? Would you or your child do that to anyone today? Why or why not? Just to start.

So the movie itself brings me back to watch it time and again. The daughter returns home after decades away to remember and heal but little did she expect to find her mother in her own downward spiral. Mothers are very adversely affected when their children are taken from them even in the not best of circumstances. The small inward facing judgmental town seethes with hatred of the mother daughter duo but simultaneously needs them. The acting is very good, setting is perfect and the clothing is on point for the time and for the focus of the movie. By the end I was smiling. (SPOILER ALERT) I was happy to see the policeman finally own up to what he had allowed to happen, the father get his just rewards and the main character get a new fresh start. It is unfortunate people were hurt along the way but no more so than the main character in her childhood and the one man who took a chance on her and made her feel alive again. It is essence a redemption story where those who should have been seeking it were too proud and arrogant to see their gross error and the wronged were vindicated. I like this movie and while it is not a PG rating I'd still recommend it, especially if a parent wants to have teachable opportunities, not judgmental ones!
Adult Written byThePorgsHaveCome December 16, 2017

Australian and not a fan.

I like seeing and hearing Australian accents, actors and locations in a film, but this sort of humour really puts me off. A few parts I did laugh, but the rest I found awful. I had too much of this type of humour and character design while growing up, and I have never enjoyed it. The actors in my opinion did not do a bad job, the sets, the directing, none on that bothered me. Just the characters, the story, and the humour. Not my type of film.
Parent Written byjackjess April 14, 2017

Gorgeous costumes

There's so much loss in this movie, and almost all of it centers around the main character. But the dresses she makes are a joy to behold. She is a strong, complex lead. Satisfying ending, too.