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Parent Written byp1xelpush3r June 7, 2012
age 17+

Mind numbing & terrible

I can't believe this infomercial is even allowed to exist to educate our kids on how to be materialistic. There isn't a single original or interesting or clever idea in this movie and to compare it to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is pure malarkey. This is a driveling, obnoxious, sad excuse for a cartoon that holds no educational or moral value to benefit the future. There is no depth, no layer of subtlety, and boring simplistic design. It is simply a long commercial. My 4 year old was uninterested and forgot about it 2 minutes later. Skip this one - you'll thank me.
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Too much consumerism
Parent Written bybumpers November 27, 2011
age 7+

elf in show says there is no santa

this is a good show but beware the first part of the movie. Santa says to the elf wow you have a big job to do this person does not believe in santa anymore. I realize there are a lot of shows that say it but why put the question in their mind. Just say he lost the spirit or magic. We all know what that means. later in the show the elf comes back saying he's sad he still has a lot of work to do and feels he's disappointing santa because the child still doesnt believe. in the end the child ends up believing. But like i said saying the words is very direct.
Adult Written byLowe's man May 20, 2014
age 2+

This elf should be on your shelf.

This elf, Chippey, has a big job to do. Upon discovering that Taylor no longer believes in Santa Claus, Chippey tries to get Taylor to believe once again, something that both Chippey and Santa want. At first it's tough, for, in addition to not believing in Santa Claus, Taylor has a bad attitude. But, with the help of Chippey, he goes through a major attitude adjustment. Not only does Taylor believe in Santa Claus at the end, but his whole behavior becomes better. Mission accomplished. Since Chippey succeeded in a very difficult assignment, he's obviously a very good elf. He's very cute too, I might add. Put this elf on your family's shelf.