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Adult Written bybconrad April 9, 2008

too scary for sensitive kids

My 7 year old boy, who admittedly has a low tolerance for evil and scary characters, found the evil female advisor too scary and wanted to turn this off. A plot about murder may be appropriate for most 7 years olds, but he really didn't enjoy the movie because he was too worried every time the woman character was in a scene. He didn't see the humor of her character at all. He also didn't like the emperor, who is callous and evil at the beginning of the movie, and the flippant tone of his cruelty was confusing to him.
Parent of a 3 and 7 year old Written bykperk October 6, 2011

Didn't hold my kids' interest, somewhat violent

Just viewed with my 7- and 3-yr old girls. My seven year-old is quite sensitive to any anxiety-provoking scenes or music in movies, regardless of how mild it is. The evil female advisor to the emperor who is out to kill him made my older daughter uncomfortable, and during the chase scenes in which a group of vicious jaguars (all black with yellow eyes) hunted down the emperor (in his llama form) she had to run out of the room. The tension continued as the characters escaped from the jaguars, only to fall down a waterfall. I coaxed my 2nd grader back into the room, but eventually both children lost interest in the movie. None of us could quite connect with the characters, I just wasn't feeling any stake in their plight. I was feeling pretty lame as a parent when I allowed my preschooler to continue to watch it despite the violence and violent references, such as "I'm going to kill you." The intended message that individuals have good in them, can change for the better, all people should be treated with respect - just didn't hit home with my kids because the plot was a bit slow and they didn't care about the characters. A few scenes that bothered me: When the peasant had to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the emperor (in llama form) and when the emperor awoke they were each disgusted with the intimate contact, spitting, gargling, etc. The peasant kept explaining to the emperor that it wasn't a kiss. I suppose the emperor was grossed out having contact with a peasant and the peasant equally concerned about touching his mouth to an animal's, but honestly it just smacked of the typical homophobia that passes for humor is many movies and sitcoms. And later, as they triumphed they hugged, and then quickly backed away acting uncomfortable with the male/male affection. Definitely homophobia as humor. As another reviewer pointed out, it was also disturbing when the evil female advisor reached for a dagger strapped to her thigh and the male characters were repulsed by the sight of her old, ugly body, but were relieved when they realized it was a weapon she was going for, rather then trying to seduce them.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written byrgrossjr April 9, 2008

One of the funniest Disney films in some time!

This has got to be one of Disney's straight out funniest films in a while. The plot is simple, the gags are great, and it exists for no other reason than to make you laugh. The routines involving Eartha Kitt (Yzma the evil sorceress) and Patrick Warburton (Kronk, her vapid henchman) are worth the price of admission alone. There is pleanty here for adults and children to enjoy, and nothing scarry. My 3 and 5 year olds laugh out loud at this film, as did I when I first saw it. Much of the simple fun that some recent Disney films have lacked.
Educator and Parent Written byhybs January 16, 2013

Very funny, not high-brow entertainment. Spoiler: the mother lives!

Very funny movie. Yes, some snarky sarcastic dialogue. And there is a villain and peril, but it is mild. One very refreshing change, the nuclear family survives intact! They are in the background not the main plotline, but still it was nice to see a happy family, competent and loving mother and father, who all manage to make it through the entire movie. Hooray!
What other families should know
Great messages
Too much swearing
Parent of a 17 and 17 year old Written bypoppinsfan August 14, 2015
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much consumerism
Adult Written byclarence August 6, 2015
Parent of a 6 and 16 year old Written byRoses forever November 25, 2009