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Teen, 17 years old Written byB-KMastah November 10, 2013

SCREAMS "made for TV" and whimpers with its poor script.

If you need proof that less is more, this is your ultimate example. This movie has an opening montage sequence that took over a year to create; and that's just the beginning of The Fifth Estate's ill-formed priorities. I wouldn't have thought that the recounting of a story so interesting could be so dull, but it is thanks to its information overload, which is exacerbated by the middling screenplay and poor direction. The film has no real character yet insists on carrying on so many events that not a single film should. The movie is over two hours, although it does not deserve to have a duration of over 100 minutes (or possibly shorter). The direction actually just pissed me off; everything from the titles, title cards, music choices, camerawork, and transitions - and even the score to an extent - all scream "made for mediocre TV." It's very rarely thrilling, yet it is labeled a thriller. There is one moment around the 75 minute mark that captures your attention for about five minutes, then goes away. Yet again, the script tries to balance too much and the direction just shrugs the issue off. The acting is good from everyone. Benedict Cumberbatch is stellar; he perfectly captures Julian Assange with the voice, awkward mannerisms, and rigid characteristics. However, not even his character is given that much to go with. He isn't analyzed or explored until the last six minutes, and that's incredibly underwhelming. It's like they rely on the audience's previous knowledge on Assange to ditch character development instead of actually writing it into the script. Again, the script is lame. 4.3/10, bad, two thumbs down, below average, etc.
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