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Who knew male strippers could be so sweet?
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Kid, 11 years old May 24, 2020

Great movie but slightly innappropriate

Teen, 17 years old Written byJohn A. June 2, 2019

Rated 15 (strong language, scene of attempted suicide).

SEX/NUDITY - Occasional moderate sex references and innuendo, including sight of a penis enlarger, and comical implications that a character gets spontaneous erections. There is also occasional moments of mild nudity, and scenes of sexualised dancing. VIOLENCE/GORE - None. PROFANITY - Strong language ("f*ck"), and milder terms ("b*stard" etc) are used throughout. DRINKING/DRUGS/SMOKING - Brief sight of underage drinking, as well as other scenes containing casual drinking and smoking. THREAT/HORROR - None. OTHER - There is a scene of attempted suicide, where a man tries to use the gas fumes of a car to suffocate himself; it is handled in a comic fashion, and the man is eventually talked out of it. Some moments of emotional intensity, but a majority of the film is generally light-hearted and intended to be comical.

15 - Suitable only for persons aged 15 years and over. Contains strong content, and is not recommended for viewing by any person below the age of 15.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byitsrainingfrogs July 14, 2014

A warm, very funny British comedy about doing what's best for your family...even if it's getting naked

Though a film about strippers may sound like a raunchy adult comedy, there's much more to this one that makes it close to family friendly with the exception of strong language. The film follows a recently unemployed man who needs money to keep custody of his son. To do so, he gathers together friends and other unemployed men to put on a stripping routine. Upbeat, heartfelt, and very funny, The Full Monty is an unorthodox inspirational tale with a rocking guilty pleasure soundtrack and some great British humor.
Sex: The film is about strippers. A few characters' butts are shown. A woman thinks her husband is cheating on her in one scene. In the end, the characters perform their routine and are seen stripping down to speedos. We see their butts and it is implied the audience sees them fully nude, though the viewers don't. This is actually a surprisingly inspiring, feel-good scene.
Violence: None.
Language: Moderately frequent strong language throughout.
Substance Abuse: The protagonist smokes very often. Other characters smoke and drink occasionally.
Intensity: None. The film, as mentioned before, is a very funny, upbeat, feel-good movie with a good message of determination and being happy with who you are. The lead characters are good, friendly men who show that teamwork is sometimes necessary to achieve.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Teen, 13 years old Written byahaera September 28, 2013

Surprisingly good dramedy

The premise is very inappropriate and seems vulgar, but this is a surprisingly sweet and dramatic film. It deals with serious issues, such as day's rights, unemployment, obesity and homosexuality on a humorous level. Nude behinds are shown more than once in the film. Swearing is infrequent, but still plentiful. The role models seem absolutely horrible, but are great in the fact that they'll do anything for their friends.
Teen, 15 years old Written byenglishrider4546 April 9, 2008

A Heart-Warming British Comedy

You know, despite the fact that the language in this movie was atrocious (I have honestly never heard the "f" word used in such realitve order!) Yet, in spite of all of that, the film was heartwarming..yes it is about male strippers, and there are a couple of naked shots from behind. Since it is from Britain, however, I found the slang and accents hard to understand at certain times, and found the subtitles to be a handy tool. Kids under 14 will probably be bored by the movie, but anyone my age and over will most likely be roaring as the final scene comes about. All in all, it was a funny, surprising movie, about the lengths men will go to support their families. A must see for any comedy fan.