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Parent of a 7 year old Written bygracec March 22, 2010

Only for tweens please

I rented this to watch with my husband and 7 (almost 8) year old son and was very disappointed with how inappropriate it was for someone his age. There is extreme violence; the majority of the protaganists were viciously gunned down. My son was inconsolable. I can't imagine this movie being appropriate for young children
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Too much violence
Parent of a 8 and 9 year old Written byGlenview Parent January 31, 2010
The last hour of the movie is very tough to take for kids under 12. The excitement leading up to the escape from the German POW camp is now over, but the men are far from being safe. They are still in Nazi controlled Germany. One by one they keep getting recaptured and returned. The most awful part is that during the last hour, fifty of the allied men who have been recaptured (our heros up to that point), are told to go & stretch their legs and then they are machine gunned down. I have real trouble believing that the age range for this movie should be less than 12. My children are 8 and 9, and it was TOO YOUNG. They were understandably very upset. They had so many questions about war, being a prisoner of war, the camps. They had many, many questions that started with Why, many of which I had trouble explaining. The film just raised too many questions about the brutality of war that my children weren't ready to deal with yet. I think the movie is better for a child of 12+ years, who will be emotionally stronger, more mature, and better able to handle the very real disappointment of fifty unarmed prisoners being executed. A twelve year old would also be more aware of the realities of war. An eight year old is too young to see this movie, in my opinion.
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Too much violence
Adult Written byPrimeMogul April 9, 2008
This is a excellent war movie. Both light and serious (50 of the men escaping get shot, another dies while being shot climbing barbed-wire). The main review says it has no language, but that is not true. There are though perhaps only a dozen foul words in its three hour length.
Parent of a 7 year old Written bynathanael.schulte July 29, 2015
My son (7, almost 8) has been into superheroes since he was very young. I was surprised that the movie kept his interest for almost 3 hours, since the pacing is far slower than modern movies. I appreciated the opportunity to talk about the fact sometimes there things worth fighting and risking and sacrificing for, especially when it's connected to true history. I believe boys need good role models who know how to work, respect others and fight when necessary, without inappropriately graphic violence. This is one of the best in that regard.
What other families should know
Great messages
Great role models
Parent of a 12 year old Written byLaurensmom November 6, 2010
Adult Written bynoelandjillian April 9, 2008

The Cooler Rocks With Steve Mcqueen in it!

I love this movie! Me and My dad just adore it! Go, Steve Mcqueen! Your my hero!
Adult Written byAshnak April 9, 2008

Fantastic War Adventure POW Escape Film

Must see