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Essential digital citizenship viewing

I loved this two hour doc, because it really hones in on the dangers of having our every click and online data point collected. We see how this data can be used by ill -ntentioned individuals to change the outcome of elections. We learn a lot more about Cambridge Analytica than what I'd heard in the news. The fact they used to be a military sector provider before being rebranded by Bannon explains a lot. Its chilling to watch! Mature 13 year olds should enjoy it, with their parents or other adults in the family. It should make a great discussion starter on the traces they ( and we) leave online.

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age 13+

Ends up being another political jab. Not really "groundbreaking" info here.

There's not much here we didn't already know. They try to tie this into some grand conspiracy against certain political figures. But honestly, if you didn't know people gather and store data on individuals, then you're basically a moron at this point. But for most of us this is redundant and somewhat skewed in it's presentation.
age 12+

Vital Information for All of Us!

Run (don’t walk!) to watch this documentary on Netflix! It is deeply disturbing and highly illuminating! Questions I now have: Within the realities of data collection, mining and manipulation, is the democratic process now an impossibility? Has it gone extinct without our having even been aware of it being endangered? Will we ever have “free will” again? I noted that in my opinion, kids 12+ could watch this and to clarify, there is some cursing and for kids close to 12, I’d suggest watching together to discuss what it all means. This recommended age has more to do with the reality that many kids are deep into social media by that age - super relevant to that factor!