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Hit the Button Max!!!

I think this is one the whole family can enjoy. There is very mild violence in the form of sword fights and fist fights but nothing truly scary. There is also some kissing but very G-rated. Mainly there is a lot of action that keeps the story moving and humour for young and old alike. The villain is funny, not scary and the girl isn't content to be rescued but she will use it as a ploy. Recommend for all ages.
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Not As Clean As You Think

I liked this movie well enough. It reminded me faintly of Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (another race movie that came out the same year). The cast is excellent with Tony Curtis as the good guy who always wears white, Jack Lemmon as the bad guy who always wears black, and Natalie Wood as the romantic interest/sex appeal. Parts of this film are humorous. Some of the action scenes and stunts are fun to watch and the overall tone of the film is light-hearted and amusing. My problem with this film is that it simply contains too much questionable content for the 6+ rating that Common Sense Media has given it. Natalie Wood and other women frequently are clad in very little. In one scene, Natalie Wood emerges dripping wet from a lake dressed only in a corset which leaves very, very little to the imagination. Sexual comments are veiled, but occur fairly frequently. The violence is not so much of an issue as it is mostly comical with the exception of one slightly bloody sword-fight. All those scantily-clad females are my biggest problem with this film. I really don't want my male siblings exposed to women dressed that way. I can watch the film with them and skip some parts, but it's not a film I can just stick on for them and then leave the room. Also, I think I should mention that it can be a pretty tedious film at times with parts of it being quite repetitive and/or boring. SUMMARY: Poorly paced film has some amusing parts and some good stunts, but may be too racy for family viewing.

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