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Parent reviews for The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Common Sense says

Book-based post-WWII romance has some war violence.
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Parents say

age 9+
Based on 5 reviews

Kids say

age 11+
Based on 2 reviews
Adult Written byHelen M. August 23, 2018

Slow-paced writing overshadows intriguing storyline

Families should know that this extremely slow-placed, period-piece is about as clean as could be... A female publisher with her own war scars hears about a story of a once Nazi occupied town and goes there to write about the villagers. In all honesty, thats really all that happens. Considering the setting, [WWII and its aftermath], one might expect more Nazi violence and gore, but not so here. The story is fairly predictable, with minimal plot twists so younger children [pace and dialogue may lose 10 or younger viewers' interest] could easily follow along. There are some allusions to fornication; it is vaguely stated that a male character is gay. For parents of young children and tweens, this movie may be something of a God-send; no sex scenes or over the top swearing, very minimal violence [seen through flashbacks, if at all], yet with just enough mystery and romance to keep them intrigued. However, older audiences may find themselves bored with the movie's often sluggish pace, as well as disappointed with the waste of an otherwise clever war story as it is unfortunately buried underneath banal subplots. For a similar storyline suitable for older audiences [ONLY], one might consider, Island at War [2004, BBC].

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Positive role models
Parent of a 14 year old Written byahmed aiman 99 August 19, 2018

-"She's only four. how could she understand that?!" -"I'm older than time, and I still don't understand"

Warm, delightful, and so sweet. Maybe even be so sweet for its own good at the beginning. But no one can resist this movie's charm. Its cheerful and light-hearted tone may make you think you're watching Paddington! The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society is also a well-made film. It has a great performances, specially from Penelope Wilton as Amelia who has some of the movie's most powerful lines. Yes, this movie is also has some very strong lines that could stick in your head. But they are even more powerful when you're invested in the characters. Mike Newell used only the flashback technique to unravel the story of the titular society, and there's no doubt he could have taken a riskier and more challenging way to do so. But the result is nothing short of impressive. I always wanted to know more and more about the members and their story, and I loved how I was getting minor details piece by piece like I was collecting a jigsaw puzzle. I cared about all the side characters. Thanks to the solid script, each one of these characters was so intriguing to know about. But I would Juliet Ashton, our protagonist, is well-wrought character as much as the minor characters. Don't get me wrong, I cared about the character so much, and her romantic sub-plot and relationships in the story, but it's her background that I found unfulfilling and half-baked. We didn't get to know anything about her past, except from a very very short, and poorly-shot flashback at the beginning. But it's not just because the fact I felt it's unsatisfying that the main character lacks a well-established background, it's also because I did need that at some point in the movie. That being said, Lily James delivered a nice performance, and she was as charming as always. There are also some things that I think are a bit hard to swallow. Things like "I don't know exactly how he, or she knew about that but let's go on anyway." The movie looks gorgeous in general. It has a beautiful cinematography, a decent the production design, and top-notch costume design that fits perfectly the movie's setting. Also, I loved the music, and it's also as traditional as the movie itself. (7.5/10)

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byAliKelman November 5, 2018

The movie is great - but the audiobook of the novel is truly extraordinary and complimentary

After watching this movie get the audiobook of it - a totally different and transporting experience. There is so much more in the audiobook which cannot be crammed into a movie - the feel of the 1940s, the horror of WWII, the humanity and the extraordinary power of a love of literature and books. The pictures the audiobook can paint in a mind are truly wonderful. And there is nothing to worry about in respect of bad language.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bysonia.hiebert October 19, 2018

Such a great film!

Great romance and so much more. Interesting and clever plot. Finally a movie to watch with your family that does not offend personal values. So great. You will not be disappointed!

This title contains:

Positive role models
Parent of a 10 year old Written byAriel C. December 25, 2018

An Intriguing if Deeply Flawed Story

Okay, first I'll tell what I like about The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (I'm only writing that ONCE!): It's a classic English drama with good production value, interesting and well-cast characters, and a mysterious at its' core. The photography is lovely, the locations fresh and the story solid. Sadly, several elements detract from this otherwise delightful story. There are unfortunately some considerable morally grey areas: The most Christian character in the movie is shown to be hypocritical and spiteful and those who supposedly live without faith follow the bible more positively than those who live with it. A character is ultimately blamed by the film-makers for trying to obstruct her daughter's relationship with a Nazi; another character depicted as good is implied to be a homosexual; there is some minor sexual talk, a slightly feminist angle and the main character treats her love life as something of a game first off. At about 1:05:18, two men assist a cow in giving birth. The movie can be quite moving at times, and a lifeless corpse is seen once. Definitely not for the young ones. The movie's cursing is listed below. 1:06 - G*d's sake 1:40 - b*ggers 1:58 - bl**dy 2:31 - bl**dy 9:55 - G*d (as exclamation) 20:49 - what I took to be brief sex references 24:50 - d*ckens 43:56 - bl*mey 48:19 - G*d (as exclamation) 1:03:38 - talk of "sluts" 1:06:10 - Good G*d 1:18:27 - Gay references 1:19:50 - Suggestive discussion by two women of "passionate encounters" 1:27:00 - jerry-bag 1:27:13 - bast**d 1:27:20 - bast**d 1:03:37 - jerry-bag 1:03:45 - sluts 1:27:40 - G*d help him 1:48:00 - crikey 1:56:10 - G*d