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Parent reviews for The Haunted Mansion

Common Sense says

Spooky movie based on Disneyland ride is dreadful.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 9+
Based on 23 reviews

Kids say

age 8+
Based on 31 reviews
Adult Written byla_teach May 13, 2012

Dirty mouth!

While the movie is funny in parts and has some "safe" scary sections, the language is completely inappropriate for kids.

This title contains:

Adult Written bybnc91 May 18, 2010

Good for the Family

A movie about a haunted mansion sounds scary doesn’t it? But not Disney’s “The Haunted Mansion.” This film is more of a romance and comedy mixed with the paranormal. Jim Evers (Eddie Murphy) is a workaholic of his real estate business with his wife Sara (Marsha Thomason). Jim promises to take his family to the lake, but makes a detour to a potential customer’s mansion. They soon meet the butler, Ramsley, and Master Gracey. After a while, Jim finds himself in a secret passageway. The kids follow a ghost ball and eventually see a picture of a woman that looks just like their mom. They finally meet up with Jim. Ezra and Emma, ghost butler and maid, and Madame Leota explain the mansion’s secrets to Jim and the kids. They eventually find out that Ramsley murdered Elizabeth, the woman in the picture whom Gracey loved. After learning how to work together they save Sara and break the curse that was put upon the mansion. The storyline was consistent throughout the movie. It kept me wandering if they were going to be able to break the curse. Eddie Murphy brought out his usual comedy side in “The Haunted Mansion.” He made some of the intense moments “lighter.” The supporting actors and actresses also did a wonderful job. The special effects were amazing. The ghosts looked real and it really felt like Madame Leota was actually in the ball. “The Haunted Mansion” had a lot of special effects, and they were done well. Overall, “The Haunted Mansion” is a good movie for the family. It has just a hint of suspense mixed into the comedy and romance.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Parent of a 5, 8, and 8 year old Written bymom2twinsplus1 October 24, 2009

Very cute but language was an issue

Um, language is most definitely an issue. Eddie Murphy said "ass" twice in this movie! NOT what I was expecting my 5 and 8 year olds to hear after reading the reviews. It was very cute and my 8 year olds loved it though there were some very scary images.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byCatholic93 July 17, 2013

My Review for "The Haunted Mansion"

I am not a parent but am a 20 year old. I think the movie is fine for 10 and up if they don't mind scary moments. The only part I didn't like in it was the powder that was slipped into the chalice at the end. Was she going to be drugged or something? If I can edit this review once I find out, I will.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bydavidrox February 2, 2013

Common sense got it wrong!

great, suspensfull movie, but common sense gets it wrong this time. this movie should be rated PG-13 for all of its dark violent images, although bad special effects, the images are still scary, and i have no idea how it got a PG rating.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written bydarthsitkur August 22, 2012

hilarious comedy thriller

Eddie Murphy is always funny and the singing heads scene always makes me laugh my head off lol
Adult Written byTash7576 October 27, 2011

Scary for the kids, but fun picking out the Haunted Mansion ride references

I am not a parent, yet, but hopefully soon and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have stumbled onto this website! As for the movie, I jumped out of my seat a few times so I would not recommend it for kids under 12. I was also disappointed to see that Disney did resort to some swearing, which was completely unnecessary. The best part; however, was picking-out the scenes, characters and lines from the actual ride. It was like "Where's Waldo" and my husband and I had a great time recalling memories of the ride.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 7 and 10 year old Written byMattmchugh February 14, 2011

Not as bad as you might think

Not that it's good, by any stretch of the imagination, but it moves along briskly with mildly spooky imagery and a vibe that says to kids scary things are not so scary if you're with your family. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a positive message movie, but anything that helps kids get over fears has some value. If you know the ride, it's kind of fun to watch for references to its famous details, but grown-ups can feel free to leave the room (except during the few creepy parts when your kids may call for back up).
Adult Written bycarol_d_mom23 April 9, 2008

Not a very Disney like movie

As we plan our 1st trip to Disney World, my 7 1/2 year old daughter said she did not want to go into the Haunted Mansion. Having been in it many times myself since childhood, I told her it is not too scary and it is a fun ride and anything related to Disney is not ment to be scary. We watched the movie in hopes of convincing her that the ride would be fun. Well, after seeing that movie nothing we can say now will ever get her on that ride. Very disappointed that some of the scenes were very scary for young children.
Parent of a 17 year old Written bylove2 September 29, 2009

this movie is awsome but.....

this movie is awsome! but there is way to much vilonce and peril for enyone under 9.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Positive Messages
Adult Written byfritzsky April 9, 2008
Parent Written byAshley J. October 8, 2018

Horrible Disney movie

Had sports illustrated magazine with half naked swimsuit girl on the cover, plus naked girl on a tarot card, not a family movie at all

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Parent of a 2, 3, and 8 year old Written byMom0f4Blessings September 15, 2010

Halloween favorite

My kids love this movie! I think it sends a positive message about family and love. The images are not scary at all-at least my 2 year doesn't think so!

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Parent of a 10 year old Written bygeorges113 September 2, 2009


positive messages but a bit scary for a kid.... my sister watched it at age 9 she was frightened and hided in a scene when the zombies came out to chase Eddy... it's a beautifull love family story with a kiss at the end... it may seen spooky but 8 years old can take most of it.. and 11-12 years old can take the spooky part about zombies...

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Educational Value
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byparryba April 9, 2008

Fun-scary, funny and innovative

The movie was very well done. It was not a ripoff of the Disney World ride at all - in fact, it was enjoyable spotting the elements from the ride in the move. Jennifer Tilly as the gypsy head in the crystal ball was hilarious, and even the scary part with the spiders and zombies was funny (albeit rather realistic). My 11 year old girl and 5 year old boy both had a ball and went to see it a second time (and are angling for a third viewing).
Adult Written byquest133 April 9, 2008

Pg-13 n doubt and a good mystery

Fun family film but 11 is the youngst I would choose.
Adult Written byawareness April 9, 2008
Adult Written byNocmom April 9, 2008

Unoffensive Comedy

I found this movie to be entertaining, without having to be concerned with foul language, sex, violence and other offensive subject matter. I recommend it from a mother's point of view for their child, not from a movie critic's. I laughed, felt sadness, and saw evidence of love and compromise between adults, which is typical of a loving family relationship. Sweet story line overall, even with the "evil vs good" that is tied into it. I say "thumbs up" for simple entertainment!
Adult Written bybethlthomson April 9, 2008

i laughed

Adult Written bytommysportsgirl April 9, 2008

A lot of fun!

Fans of the ride should enjoy this movie! Eddie Murphy's really funny, and the special effects are great! No, this isn't a classic, but it is a fun movie.