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age 16+

A lot of pain onscreen...for what end?

A film of trapped women in boxes of patriarchy and ruthless capitalism with some xenophobia thrown in for good measure. Joaquín Phoenix is somewhat convincing but appears too torn, which although reveals a complex human being, the fact remains that he survives off the sexual labor of women. Jeremy Renner's character, although well played reveals another savior reminiscent of the clown in La Strada, both silly and irreverent. Considering the current complicated political climate It is a shame that there does not feel any connection to current immigrant stories. Especially considering it is many of the descendants of these Ellis island stories that are at the heart of creating current immigration policy.
age 18+

Very Moving & Heartbreaking

The plot is great, the story is great. It teaches lessons of loyalty, courage, God's love, and what to do when you hit rock bottom. There is nudity in it though, which is why i rated it 18+. It is very mild nudity compared to what nude scenes are in movies today. the first nude scene is in a wash room where all the women are bathing as well as their children, all young. its not sexual at all, but it does show breasts. next scene is during the gentlemen show, the women are actually pretty clothed, the only thing they flaunt is their breasts, and there isnt dancing, its more like a fashion walk and then theyre done. a sex scene is insinuated but it does not show anything at all which i really appreciated, no breasts, no caressing, nothing. there are cuss words. im a firm believer that a movie doesnt need a lot of nudity and sex to be a good movie, and this movie showed it very mildly and it was done, and also had a great storyline. i loved it and so did my friends!

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