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Teen, 15 years old Written bychargnar February 5, 2012

Very Good

KIds will love this great tale of friendship. Adults may find the character a bit annoying
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Too much violence
Kid, 10 years old April 9, 2008

Good movie

This movie is Indian in the Cupboard. Indian in the Cupboard is a good movie. There is a little violence from the cowboy and there's this Iroquis Indian that shoots the cowboy with a bow and arrow. But the cowboy still survived because they brought back a medicine soldier.
Teen, 13 years old Written byits.sammy.duh February 24, 2016

Indian in the Cupboard

The Indian in the cupboard the main characters are Omri, Little bear, Patrick, and Boone. Patrick gave Omri a toy indian for his birthday. The indian name is Little bear and Boone is a cowboy. Omri for his ninth birthday gets a cupboard from his brother and it has a lock but no key so his mother tells him to look in the box that has keys in it. He does and finds a key and he puts the plastic toy indian in it, and in the morning he finds out that the indian came alive. When Omri was going to go to sleep and he hears a noise from the cupboard. So he looks and Little bear demands him to get him food and a longhouse, fire, tools, and a gun. Instead Omri makes him a horse, ax,bow,and arrows. The next day Omri told Patrick and he didn’t believe him, so Omri takes Patrick to his house and proves to Patrick that he wasn’t lying. Patrick becomes jealous and asks Omri to make him one too. While Omri wasn’t looking Patrick put the toy cowboy in the cupboard. Then Little bear and Boone get in a fight, Little bear tries to kill Boone. Omri has Little bear promise to not hurt Boone,but if he did Little bear wouldn’t get a wife. The next day Omri takes Little bear and Boone to school with him. After school Omri took Little bear to the store to pick out a wife. The wife Little bear picked out is named Bright star.Then Omri makes Bright star alive. Little bear and Bright star get married. Omri realizes that he can’t keep the toys living, so he and Patrick turns all three toys back to plastic. Omri gives the key to his mother for safekeeping,and decides knowing make figurines real is enough magic for him.
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