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Playful tale of corporate misdeeds may interest some teens.
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Adult Written bykhan2705 May 29, 2011

an enjoyable witty odd comedy.

A rising star in the agricultural industry suddenly turns whistleblower in hopes of gaining a lucrative promotion and becoming a hero of the common people, inadvertently revealing his penchant for helping himself to the corporate coffers and ultimately threatening to derail the very investigation he helped to launch in this offbeat comedy from Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh. Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) was fast rising through the ranks at agri-industry powerhouse Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) when he became savvy to the company's multinational price-fixing conspiracy, and decided to turn evidence for the FBI. Convinced that he'll be hailed as a hero of the people for his efforts, Whitacre agrees to wear a wire in order to gather the evidence needed to convict the greedy money-grabbers at ADM. Unfortunately, both the case -- and Whitacre's integrity -- are compromised when FBI agents become frustrated by their informant's ever-shifting account, and discover that he isn't exactly the saintly figure he made himself out to be. Unable to discern reality from Whitacre's fantasy as they struggle to build their case against ADM, the FBI watches in horror as the highest-ranking corporate bust in U.S. history threatens to implode before their very eyes. Scott Bakula, Joel McHale, and Melanie Lynskey co-star.

well again a movie that i rated Not Interested previously but it was on TV so i saw it, it is happening alot nowadays lol. this movie is really different and odd movie, a little strange too. but i liked it, it is really interesting movie to watch i was really amused by it, it is a really intelligent quirky funny spy movie. Matt Damon stars as Mark Whitacre, he lies lies and more lies to cover the previous ones and towards the end he gets caught up really bad. i really liked this thing that even towards the end it kept me guessing, i had no idea it was him who was lying, that is so weird i loved it. movie is really in a narrative way, as in Matt Damon's character whatever he thinks is narrated and you will love it, after the story, acting and the funny premise of it, it is something to like and enjoy.

Matt Damon wen't on a complete physical transformation for this role as you can see, he seems really good in it and strange too. he was really underrated in this movie he did an amazing job in this movie i really liked his performance. loved it. Scott Bakula, Joel McHale, Melanie Lynskey, Rick Overton , Tom Papa , Tony Hale , Adam Paul etc co stars. they are just above average in it but the real star here is Matt Damon. he is the reason i loved this movie and so will you.

i admit that story in interesting and enjoyable screenplay is okay not very good, it is slow and dull at places. direction is good for a weird spy comedy. Steven Soderberg, one of my favorites, i like him. he is good with comedies i must say. editing was good, cinematography and art direction were good too. go see it if you wan't to.

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Parent of a 13-year-old Written bydocpainter October 1, 2009
My 13 yo son and I both enjoyed it. Hard to follow in spots but intriguing and thought provoking. Definitely promotes message that lying doesn't pay. The extent of Matt Damon's character's mental illness was underplayed compared to the real life story on which it is based.
Adult Written bymoviejunky September 25, 2009

goog movie to see, not bad for teens

I too was very suprised that this movie was rated R. It should of been PG-13.Matt Damon did a great job acting, I can't believe it was really him!

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Parent of a 12-year-old Written bymoviemom4 September 24, 2009

the perfect comedy

This is not an average dumb comedy. This is not similar to one of those dumb Adam Sandler movies. This is an smart, well written, and amazingly acted movie that should be watched by anybody who is tired of these crude comedies coming out year after year. I was kind of surprised that this was given an R becuase I have seen many pg-13 movies that are alot worse than this. See this movie now!

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Adult Written byManuelC September 21, 2009

The Informant!

The movie The informant! is a good movie for all ages however, it might not appeal to the younger ones but most likely it will entertain its viewers. The film has thus far gotten positive critic reviews, which ought to be pleasing for the cast and the director. This is the fourth time Damon has worked with Steven Soderbergh, who also directed the Ocean's series. The film is a dark, somewhat satirical comedy about a food company executive that turns whistleblower, and brings down the company exposing their price fixing conspiracies. It looks as though neither Damon nor Soderbergh will need quick payday loans to get good reviews for The Informant!

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