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A different kind of film

This is a good alternative film if you are tired of the stock standard films that come out of Hollywood and don't want to travel too far back in time to get a good film fix. It is just weird. It is kind of quirky like eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind mixed with Being John Malkovich- It's not so much about meaning sometimes as it is about imagination and what can be beautiful. The film also has some intense themes like Brody's horrid treatment in a mental facility and mistreatment by people in general. It was quite underrated at the time- too underated it you ask me. The performances delivered by all the actors are on point (Brody, Knightly and Craig stand out to me), the score by Brian Eno is beautiful and the filmography is great. The film itself has some really touching moments. This is not the film for you if you can't deal with somewhat complicated plotlines. If this review sounds weird that's exactly what the film is like so good, enjoy it.