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The Karate Kid, Part III

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Hilarious. I think my stomach is still sore.

One of the worst movie ever made in my opinion, also the funniest. This isn't terrible like "Face Off" or "Con Air" or even "Airborne"...these films were able to do much more of what they intended. There are no jokes in Karate Kid 3. just trash. The script is so horrible and Macchio knows it, that's why he has to overact with his body... He hops around like a pogo stick in an attempt to make the dullness and pointlessness go away. It honestly sounds like a 6th grader wrote the script. And the acting is putrid. The love interest is completely pointless, and her acting is not even worthy of a detailed criticism. THere is so much here... I could go on forever, so I'll just mention the biggest plot foul-up. The bad guys spend the whole movie trying to force Macchio to defend his "Under 18" All Valley Tournament (he's a real life 27 yr old) while periodically kicking the hell out of him... Why force him to enter the tournament? Just kick the hell out of him. Anyway, with the stale, worn out, bottom of the barrel guidance of Myagi, Larusso pulls out a one punch victory to finish the tournament over his nemesis, who had been penalized points for kicking the hell out of him illegally throughout the match. So Larusso is beside himself with pride, laughing, cheering and pointing to Myagi in triumph. Now, what's to stop his enemies from kicking the hell out of him as soon as he leaves the building? Bottom line is the story and acting are both the worst failures I think I've ever seen. There was nothing that worked. Only exciting moment is Myagi taking on 3 dudes, but it's obviously a stunt double. F for intent. A plus for accidental humor. It's literally given me and a friend a stomach ache on several occasions. we couldn't breathe. I recommend it with all my heart.

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