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Stick to the first one. Watch any more and you'll get depressed.
age 13+

Fun Trilogy

Fun, cute, sometimes emotional. Elle (King) makes it fun to watch because she is goofy, cute, funny, authentic. This is one if the best continuous teen story that is fun to watch.

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age 13+

Oppressively Bad

After enjoying the first Kissing Booth I found myself eager to see the characters such as Lee and Elle grow. Sadly after watching the trilogy my hopes and dreams are crushed. To the writers and directors of this film, Shame on you. The character development was deplorable. We Watch Elle (Joey King) remain the self destructive, emotionally unstable, time bomb continue to lash out to the point that you could no longer be invested in her character. She showed no growth seeing as though in every film Elle destroys relationships left and right and the acting is no help at all! Across the board I felt almost as if the actors and actresses were reading from a book written in .5 font… unreadable. Please and I mean please do not let your impressionable preteen watch this. It shows that as youngsters we can destroy relationships and offend without regards for others feeling as and emotions, then by the use of a meaningless apology things will be fixed. Also can we talk about the lack of representation? Why in the world did we see about 4 black or brown individuals throughout the whole film. Not to mention how every time the one black male extra was shown he was doing something to humiliate himself for the humor of his white counterparts… remind you of something we learned about in history class? Yeah, I thought so. Though I will give it to everyone Jacob Elordi did a bang up job as he always does, reminding us that talent isn’t completely expunged from Netflix originals. Please preserve your peace and leave this film for the back of your eyelids.
age 6+

Worst movie

It's a really bad movie, the whole plot is bad and it's super boring, their acting is shit too, the other movies were much better.
age 15+

A third movie, was not necessary

Let's talk about how these two main male characters completely dictate and manipulate the happiness and freedom of the main female lead character. The best friend "Noah" is the whiniest, most manipulative and most selfish character that has probably ever existed. I basically fast forwarded the whole movie just to get past the screaming and crying and petty arguments. These actors that are in the movie too.. are INCREDIBLE actors, but my god what a terribly written movie and plot. Or lack there of
age 16+

Waste of time

I am so glad I seen how long it was and looked at reviews then went on and just skipped to the end. I would have been so disappointed watching a 2 hour movie with no distinct ending. At this rate she could of just ended up with the other guy. Ruined the whole lot for me. How do you go from 1 and 2 this?!? Next time your going to do love movies make it clear actors can't fall in love on set if they do automatic replacement in the films... Cause this is the crap that gets put out after a falling out. Pathetic.
age 13+

Google Anti-Climax and this film should be under meaning.

It was a tough watch when you naturally compare it too the last two. Some of the writing and creative direction was painful from a creative point of view being an actor and writer myself. The best way to describe this i think is it lost its identity. Dont feel the ongoing fued between Noah and Marco was necessery, could of taken that all out and the film would of been better for it. Every film comes with criques but unforunatly there was more bad than good in all aspects. The only two positives i can think of sadly is Elles character development and the nostalgia aspects which was a nice touch. Would i recommend? If your OCD like me and need to complete it the series then yes but expect dissapointment. Otherwise no, just end it on 2nd and pretend they left it on a cliffhanger.
age 16+


The third one the writers in my opinion did a poor job. It’s the worst one out of all three and horrible ending. Actors great just like in the other 2 movies. The writers really failed with this one. They don’t plan to do another one to further explain the future. Honestly if your first watching the movies do not watch past the first two and draw your conclusion bc they basically leave you hanging just the same with the third with a definite of not ever going to know.
age 13+


It’s just a story that a very selfish girl tried to pretend not so selfish.