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This movie was pretty underwhelming. There are a few things to note one there is a lot of death and violence but no gore, two they pushed stereotypes onto the only female character, three while we are on the topic of the only female character (sorry forgot her name) they over-sexualized her, four the characters were under developed and five the romance felt forced and seemed to happen overnight.
age 12+

great action film is one to keep your battle loving eye on

One of my top action movies, this swords and sandals thrill ride delivers plenty of what makes a good movie. It’s got well-known actors, sweeping cinematography, and plenty of epic fights. But many of the scenes in this war film make it too intense for kids. The film contains a number of drawn out battles but has no blood. People are hacked, slashed, stabbed, gored, impaled, chopped, shot with arrows, burned alive, beaten, and dropped from high heights. 2 men suffer gruesome wounds including an axe to the face. A man is branded twice in flashbacks, and a boy is beaten up and in peril throughout the movie. Weapons range from catapults, bows, swords, knifes, axes, spears, hammers, and arrow launchers.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 11+

its awesome

this movie doesnt really have blood like how csm said they are wrong they dont know anything no real violence only one part when a guy gets his finger cut off but the movie is awesome even though sword fighting arrows and stuff there is no blood spurting out only red scrathes or holes they are like that so there is nothing to worry about just watch out for teh finger scene

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Great messages
Great role models
not rated for age

Pretty interesting historical movie!

I thought this movie was pretty good. I was impressed. I imagined in being worse.
not rated for age
I thought this was excellent. Better than The Last Samurai, Troy, and 300 together.